Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Allowing old "STUFF" to leave to you

Good morning from Facebook...

Good morning! It's a new year and I have begun "new" things...Have you? However, this year may not be so much about starting new as it is about allowing "old" to leave to you. This past week revealed to me...that we all go through some STUFF in life...don't we? Putting-up-with "stuff", people doubting "stuff", discouragement "stuff", wounded-hurting people "stuff"....but there is a "stuff " that hurts the up on yourself "stuff". The doubting your worth-don't wanna breathe-chest full of tears-won't get over the pain-stuffing all personal expression "STUFF" ...THAT STUFF. .. What do you do with that stuff? How do you dovanything with that stuff weighing you down, holding your breaths, gripping your heart?...That's the stuff that has truly clinched in on us...
And, it's beautiful heart emoticon Raw, painful, vulnerable, and, beautiful. THROUGH it grows many fruits...if we allow it to. If we stop shaming ourselves for having believed less than awe and beauty of ourselves., and look to how our eyes are now open to beauty of compassion. ..the opportunity for connection,...the wonder of encouragement. ..we can extend life and love into these spaces.
Alrighty, back to going through more stuff wink emoticon
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