Sunday, April 22, 2012

Digging out the big roots

Shovel? Check. Somewhere to dig? Check. Good planting soil? Add to my list. Seeds to plant? Add to my list.

Well, I got started anyhow. I found a spot to dig in our backyard to turn our kitchen scraps into compost and I started to dig. On Earth day, first thing in the morning before my hubby was out of bed I set out. I found some big roots as I was digging that confirmed that there once was an established tree near by (and the big circular "dent" in the grass also gave a clue), but I broke up the roots and continued to dig. I love gardening and although I may not be a professional botanist or agricultural guru, but it brings me great peace and reflection.

As I reflect on the big roots that I had been digging out, I was thinking how we can sometimes have big roots grow in our lives and hearts. Some roots can come from habits or behaviours we want to change. We grew that tree, it bore its own fruit, we didn't like the fruit it produced in our lives, so we cut it down. But the roots are still there. We need to dig out the old roots so we can plant a new tree. We need to replace the habits we want to change with new habits....habits that we wish to keep.

Friday, April 6, 2012

What am I taking on?

As Jesus took on the sins of the world as he hung on the the sins of the world were drawn to him like water to a sponge, he grew further and further away from God.....Imagine in all of a few hours that his greatest comfort grew into a dim faint star that flickered in the distance....The light that made everything clear and brought peace and understanding pulled away as the darkness he assumed came upon him.