Monday, October 12, 2015

Just BEING me

I shared a morning reflection on Facebook today. This, after being inspired by posts from friends on my newsfeed. Especially a post from one friend of mine. I have talked with them about their shift in life focus a while back...sometimes when we think we have really f^#$@'d things up in our lives (messing up what is good in our lives), we may tend to through our hands up in an act of defeat and begin to own our "error" (the plight of the perfectionist mind) and  "shortcomings" to being all that we CAN be. Not only to say that 'well, I guess I wasn't meant for this or that', but it also shows a sort of limited view of ourselves.  That we are not greater than our transgressions or fall-offs...or what we perceive to be our only option because we couldn't cut it with what we tried. Well I say fooey to that! Maybe because I sure hope I am not defined by my "mistake" after mistake...after mistake (does the saying call that stupid or insanity...or both! Bah! Forget the saying!) So WHAT if I had been stupid or insane (LOL and very likely to do it again...ha!) But it doesn't make me the stupidity or insanity. It's not much different then walking along and stepping into a puddle...while wearing long pants...and sandals...and it's really deep and wets your pant leg! It feels awkward and gross, can throw you off a bit, makes you wish you had been paying more attention. ..or been wearing rubber boots or planned for a full on SPLASHING ly fun experience. ...but it was what it is. A wet pant leg you didn't intend on. You don't rip off the pants and vow to never wear clothes again (maybe you do, but for this example you have a deep LOVE for clothes hhaha). The puddle does not become your definition.

 In truth, we are living change. Not only because our bodies are home to billions of other living organisms living and dying within us, and that we, on a physical plane, seem to be changing, growing, shifting towards what would be described as death...but also our thoughts, viewpoints, knowledge base are continually seeking to evolve... if we allow it.  We are not defined by having thrown of what is good about us and not being able to resurrect or reclaim those things again...perhaps with an understanding and wisdom that we can share with others.  And we CAN change our minds (deciding on one thing and shifting that decision...allow for growing awareness and increased consciousness)..our perspectives...our ownership of labels...we can also transform existing labels within its very context and be a living representation of your unique viewpoint within a "structure".

In essence, we seem to be designed for connection (what draws us to something or someone or a really stong interest to something and our experience journey of it...creating stories of change, success, triumph, struggle and victory)...and at the same point, can live within a perspective that is inclusive and yet all our own. Not to say we don't desire to filter in our own way or another. We are creative beings. And as we choose from the buffet of life, we want to keep in mind that we have the choice to make what is good (that we choose as good) work for the good in our lives...and not just dash off the thing, but to allow it to grow, change, and deepen as you do as well.  In time, we may all find our way through and to the fullness of our loving selves.

"Good morning!  Sometimes I think much too much effort and energy is put in to "proving" ourselves against being labeled or recognized in a particular way. 

BEING is quite a simplistic process. ..not to say that a bit of challenge and resisting doesn't make things interesting at times, but in your most quiet of moments, what do you allow yourself to truly experience? 

 My desire is for joy,...and in this moment of reflection I  notice and recall that much of the joy I experience will never be witnessed outside of my perspective.  It's mine and shared with God alone (if I could share the experience of these gems I would  ). 

So for today, I listen to the "buzz" in my head in the silence  (no soft, classical orchestra lately, but maybe soon...) and know that I get to enjoy Joy as fully as I choose today...with no extra effort required.    

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