Saturday, April 12, 2014

Spring! Perseverence has sprung

Spring...I will admit there is always something in each season I can look to and inspired by...but for me, it's not my favourite.  And the one thing for me that inspires is the persistence of growth from every plant I am surrounded with...houseplants that have barely sprouted new leaf now grow runners and vines looking for something to cling to and go further and higher.  And one special little plant that almost saw it's demise while I was away from work...I came back to find it's leaves almost fully crispy from not being watered.  It's a year old too!  This tiny thing has survived this whole time...just bloomed once when it was brought into the office last spring.  And as I was heading home yesterday, i passed the window and was compelled to take it home.  So I went in and grabbed it and brought it on the train with me.  I picked off the dead leaves and noticed it had a bud on it...ready to bloom in IT'S season!! And it also inspired connection and conversation between generations while I travelled...all about this unknown type of plant that is getting ready to bloom again.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Poem ... Pride of Owningship

Pride of Owningship

Oooo the WORDS I wanted to say...the frustration that came my way...

...this behaviour is TRIFE!!...this is how YOU get stuck in strife!...

But I owned it...
I owned the thoughts that passed my window,
I owned the challenges I witnessed,
I owned the growls and groans,
I owned the cries and moans. 
I said I was sorry....I said I wished there was more I could do. 
Not share my relatable story,
not dip down in the stew...
I owned was mine. 
I knew my response with what was given would make this crap smell divine. 
I owned it...loved it up with gratitude...
apologized for not being something more...gave loving condolences to the pain and sore...
and I grew...
                          and who knew...
                                                         ...that you would too <3 br="">

Lesson's always time for life's school

It IS a good morning! I am SO grateful it is TODAY!! Not just because yesterday felt like a bit of a gong show (with a big diamond in the middle...that gem of awesome HAD to be hidden in a wealth of crap and ridiculous...LOL ) And...really? Really?? Yesterday will sit as the proverbial truth behind the concept of .."If the same thing happens to you over and over again, you are not learning the lesson that is intended for you..." Time to observe and reflect...connect back to the source of all understanding (and beyond), and sit on it a bit! HA!! 

But seriously, the lessons I did glean from yesterday were...1. perseverance! Don't surrender to NOT putting it all out on the table because you are afraid of unknown consequences (successes)...finish what you start, approach with the heart of adventure and discovery, apply the opportunity of mastery and becoming, but STAY the course!  It is so worth seeing it to the other side.  2. @#..STUFF happens! What do you think living would involve (or look like) if it had not a thing going on? wouldn't be living. Expect a bump, a challenge, a trial to overcome, a quest to be bested, a valiant effort to be going to be eventful, so make the most of it (you watch movies for the action, drama, comedy, and thrill...where do you think the stories are coming from?) 3. Family time and talk is GOLDEN! However you want to define the "families" in your life (I have many), there is nothing so precious as witnessing the glow of the heart through genuine and watchful LOVING appreciation of one another.  The bliss of excitement this brings and ALWAYS brings to my heart is beyond this world (and a treasure surrendered for divine storage). And last but not least 4. Maintenance and care is for everything.  If I retired my life and functioning because I needed my battery charged instead of just fixing the problem with a SIMPLE and known fix...well, I feel very strongly about giving things the care they need and if they indicate they need specific attention, then give it due consideration.  This is the part of the "story" that really needs change and reflection through another lens. Time for new perspective...otherwise...(let's just say I am done with the re-runs and sit coms of THIS drama :P) Where are you playing re-runs of the same sitcom in your life?   (Probably would be the running thread of "not this again" that keeps the show on the air ;) and yes, someone is watching it...with popcorn...and a drink :P ) Stop and observe, stop and listen, stop and learn, then go and do what needs to be done.  Apply the lerning (LOL I can misspell if I want to ;) ).