Thursday, September 29, 2016

Question YOUR superiority complexes

Stop being surprised….

When people of “minority” perform “great” things among you.

There are technologies that you are currently using that you don’t realize are created through the “intelligence” of “minorities".

(Now, I use the example of minorities, because at this very moment the ends of those cords from that rope that was twisted for ages …they are unraveling before our very eyes.  It was never meant to translate as infinite truth…it is based on a lie that does not serve to build up and unify but instead divide, separate, and knock others down...distract! SO therefore, its design was never sustainable from its conception.)

Stop dismissing ideas and contributions from those around you because you have already decided, somewhere in your very being, that you are at a level of advancement or awareness or even “experience” above what someone else is “at”.

Stop now….and ask yourself…in what ways and in what areas am I viewing those around me with “less than” glasses? PERIOD!

(And before I go any further, we have all been threaded with these cords to some degree. They sound out in our comparisons with one another or some of our “because of” (insert generalization) statements. All serve as disguises to fear in some degree and on some level. Not all fear is the heart-racing or the “don’t hurt me” kind. Some are nested in anxiety over our unknown experiences and unanswered (or unasked) questions…we are all uncertain to the level we are truly created…and in that you get to choose to stick with what you have heard and seen or you can be willing to embrace the “scary yet beautiful” aspects of the unknowns around and throughout us all.)

Even as I am sharing this, I am asking myself the same question (refer to bolded text above). For example, my husband…is younger than me. So, of course, being that I am older, I have more experience? NO! His experience profile is unique to my own.  It doesn’t make it less than or better than my own.  He bears his own unique contribution into my life and others.

And that “weight” of age (and comparison) has been held to us many times…Have we allowed the age difference to get in the way of better judgment and experience? Have other "weights" gotten in the way? Absolutely! Spirituality, formal education, genetic expression (a.k.a. skin colour, sex, height, etc. ), cultural background, and family upbringing and experiences….as well as society “boxes” of description and “definition”) .  And when they do get in the way (in the way of what? Our love and our relationship)…life has schooled us to challenge them.

How do you challenge these “boxes” of "better than" or "less than"? Of weighted comparison? Of fear-based conditioning? You ask upstream questions that get to the core and heart of its hidden reason. Peeling the onion…finding the ultimate why (and this goes as deep as you want it to go. Some will stop asking based on level of challenge to their own beliefs and personal truths. And some.... do not chose to hold so strong or personally and ask from a place of wholeness and oneness with all …)

…how does this serve me? Is it building up those around me as well as myself? Is this beneficial? Is this sustainable and dynamic? Is this loving, kind, patient, etc.? Does this celebrate and expand my experience and growth? Does this cause me to run (physically, mentally...jumping on trains of thought...)? Do I feel “justified” in this moment? Am I fighting to be right? Am I being defensive? What am I defending to protect? Am I being of value in this moment? Am I questioning the value of others in this moment? Have I applied a less than or greater than comparison or justification or generalization?

What we have to offer is value. And that value in others only adds to our own. When we are willing to receive and celebrate the value one another has, we grow from that contribution.

Now, with that said, then you have the “mess” of what someone holds as valuable. And then the “or not” gets put in to the equation. And if using the “less than” glasses, then they could be missing out on receiving the true value in the situation, moment, relationship…YOU could be missing out on receiving that gift of value! It’s the “or not” that we are moving away from. It’s the unreceiving attitude that is keeping us from valuable gifts that is unraveling. It’s choosing instead to see how we can focus on building up and receiving as well as “unhindering” ourselves and our value. Through recognizing our burdens, and the ways in which we are hindered (held back) we can then question and explore…”What greater aspect am I being distracted from?” Usually it is love. Usually it is receiving the value of another that is intended to build us up and help us grow. Usually it is continuing in the experience and enjoyment and wonder within our lives that we are intended to receive day to day.

For now...let's question....and honour...

"Love each other with genuine affection, and take delight in honoring each other." ~ Romans 12:10 NLT

Thursday, September 8, 2016

The eggs in the basket would make a great breakfast!

Managing your resources...

What a great morning! Productive, collaborative, encouraging, and full of many lessons. The boys got a valuable lesson this morning that we will call "managing your resources." A pot of quinoa cooked on the stove and fresh backyard collected eggs. There are even frozen berries in the freezer and greens in the fridge...all the fixings for a great breakfast AND a quick packed lunch. Well, no smoothie, no eggs, not berries bowl with seeds, etc was made...and the lunch option went down as breakfast.... 
Boys: "Mom, what's for lunch?"
Me: "You didn't pack it?"
Boys: "Pack what?"
Me: why didn't you make eggs or something else for breakfast?
Boy #1: Well he ate it all for breakfast!
Me: "So what did you have for breakfast?"
Boy #1: "Hmph...(stomp, stomp)
Me: ..."Well, come home for lunch then."
Boy #1: ..."What? Can't you just make something and drop it off?..."
Me: "No. You can come home for lunch. I will be here...finishing around the house...."

Natural consequences....I plan on making "lunch" at lunchtime and they can join me AT lunch to enjoy it. We only live less than 10 minutes from their school (by foot), and they have an hour...Lots of time. And someday, they will love that they get that "freedom" come home for a warm meal. But for today, it's a great opportunity to value and weigh ALL that you have at your disposal and make a plan of what to do with it all.  As for me, I have many rooms that are calling for some specific "detailing" before I have people over this evening (I am admittedly "messy" when it comes to managing the laundry fold and sort, but the piles are all ready to go to their designated locations ). Oh and a proper breakfast is calling as well. 

Friday, September 2, 2016

Going beyond another loving

Good morning! Sterotypes and racism....same thing?

In university, I was given a "failing" grad for an assignment that was contested by my peers. Why the fail? Was it for poor quality work? Were the images I used processed poorly? What my typeset off or my idea out to lunch? No. It was because the image and the font was considered too "classy" for the music. It was an R&B single and the project was a CD cover.

Stereotyping...the grade was adjusted after the peers were right and they stood up for me. They believed something unjust was happening and they took action.

To stand in someones' set up obstacles based on generalized harm others or intend harm and maltreatment of others based on a unloving thoughtstream (LOL what would you call a MASS opinion established by someone that undermines and undervalues a large group of people?)...what is the benefiting fruit that one would achieve from engaging in that?

I am met with this on a daily basis...Good news is...I know what value and truth of experience I hold. I know I went to university and achieved "degree" status (as did most of my friends)...I know I am married with two healthy happy boys and not the high school drop out, knocked up single mother or immigrant nanny as I have been referred to on a few occasions ... I know I am a homeowner in the midst of renovations and getting my boys to mow the lawn and not the drug dealing renter you have assumed I all these conversations that started with a heavy assumption and ended with the person feeling embarrassed, two things happened. I dispelled a myth about the "stereotype" and story they have created around it and I stood in the place of the stereotype and defended those caught within it, including myself.

There are complete narratives and life journeys that we know nothing of. The pain of leaving your children while you pursue a better life for your family succeed! The child who was forced to drop out of school and work so that they could provide money to meet the needs of others in their families. The pain and heartache...the lack of support felt by those surrounded by a culture of addiction...those who got pregnant during their relationships and the guys walks out of their responsibility.

These assumptions you have "labelled" me with ("you" in reference to the person I was talking to....unless you feel to take it personally) are some of the best of my friends, the parents of my sons' friends, my family, my neighbours...and their courage and strength inspires me. And their love and friendship builds me up. No, it's not my's not my experience. But I have been blessed with the assumptions so that I may prove them false and unsustainable. We don't know the full story....but MAN, are they ever beautiful to hear. If we would just.....ASK first!!

Friday, May 6, 2016

It's okay to feel your grief

Good morning!  This week got blown wide open for me. I realized that I have been through a lot of loss in my life, and most of which I have not grieved.  It's funny sitting in this space  (yesterday I bawled my eyes out while driving at the loss of having a closer relationship with someone dear to me...I highly recommend against that...I could barely see...) when I watched my mom hold in her grief for years after her mom died....she said she wasn't ready. ...I guess I wasn't ready for all these years. But it is weighing on me like baggage now, so I am dropping bags and letting go. It's not that I am ready,  but I AM willing. Is every pessimist an optimist who has not grieved? Who knows. ..but I want the burden on my heart to be lighter, so I am going to allow grief it's full expression.  I feel I have the "space" right now to do it.

#thankyouGod #justbeheld #allowpeace #griefisokay #IAmSorryforyourLoss #itisLoveExpressed

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Hate mongering. ..the party of shadows

Good morning! Lately it's been a wonderful exposure of things tucked in shadowy spaces. So my "Spidey senses " have been triggered for conversations, and points made against others' anger, hatred, and rage spoken from a place of anger, disgust, hatred, and rage. I'm not toting that I am above reacting at some level...I'm sure I have a shadow hiding a defensive trigger somewhere. I'm sure it will be called out when its "buddy" strolls by on its way to a gathering of some sort. And I am grateful. ...that I have been put into MANY MANY situations where. ...somehow, people have felt very free to express themselves (including their hatreds) to me...and somehow I am the "exception ". I know I have many friends who go through the same...and our first response is sadness. That sadness holds within it a knowing...that there is a greater truth to known and embraced, just not fully seen. We know because we live and experience the other side of what is assumed. There are many spaces and places in ALL our lives like this. This is not a call for advocacy in anything ...maybe....just one. Consider Love a an umbrella or a life-giving and honouring...just pause and allow....the shadowy bits to come out into the light running and gathering as you stand firm and observe ...them relate and remind us that we are possibly put together of more than just the bits in the shadows.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Happy Earth Day

Today I celebrate growing a garden and being in the wonderful community we live in. So much has grown in the last 7 years. Not just our perennials that need splitting, but also our relationships with our neighbours and ourselves. It is and will be a beautiful day indeed.
 Shared from Facebook...

Good morning! I'm up and waiting for the sun to rise :) It's Earth Day! Hubby will be out hiking in nature and I will be tackling the garden in some way. πŸ’– And over 10 years of gardening on this day, no matter what the weather  (although I  only remember one year where it felt cold, but I  still was out weeding and clearing up the flower beds). It's also the official day we became neighbours and "family" in this community we live in. Many welcoming, happy, and curious people came to meet us and claim us as their own haha. Now, that I know most of who they are, I  realize that they came from many blocks over to say hi...and continue to do so many years later. This has inspired my heart of connection and breaking down even that barrier of understanding into fostering family in communities.  This year I am focused on sharing not only the wealth of the garden with our community (it's not just mine, I  have just enjoyed being a good steward of what grows here), as many of the perennials have grown abundantly, but also sharing in the wealth of hearts that grow here abundantly as well. Take a look around and see how you can receiving and taking care of a healthy, happy environment,  and planet. It starts with us πŸ’–

#thankyouGod #earthday #humilityoftheearth #nurturinggrowth #beingcommunity #fosterhospitality #goodstewards

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Poem - Emotional Denial Complex

Studying out the physiological reactions to external stimuli.
 Due to long term, numerous, and precise studies in the matter,
Many have theorized the logical pathway of the human condition
That causes one to change the structuring of expression
On their faces and alter their heart rates and biochemical interactions
Essentially taking and destroying the "being" of emotion into disconnected,  bit-sized chunks,
 For further analysis at a later date.
How can we duplicate these expressions,
and series of logical pathways
To simulate the "human experience " in AI form.
To imitate intent, to modulate moments, and simulate connection.
Someone's desire for perfection has cut humble, and you, and man
Out of the equation.
How has our "quest" and "thirst" for knowledge
Cut out the experience of thirst....desire of quest
How has science become a science of eliminating,  and leaving
Brokens chunks of flesh and skeletal composition
To roam ....seaking for touch
Groping... for see
Through uncertainty,
Putting back together ...ourselves
From an intelligence of what we really are?
Coded, programmed, theorized with intent
Before our and for what purpose?

That we might, choose to feel...
Choosee to see...that we are...
For Delight!
For playing and building with legos
and mastering emotions and egos kinda joy.
For infinite imagining, connecting, through coy drama, struggle,
Through tears and muddled up moments...
Through seasons,  and flowers, and grass, and snow angels,
 Through kindness, kisses, and hugs, and...
Through compassion, appreciation,  and love.
Through awe, and gasp, and wonder
Through shock, surprise, and terror
Threads of life and living
 Are weaving....overlapping,  entangling ...connecting. ..
Bringing back together the floating chunks
With clunk and clammer
Through manna and matter. ..
As skin One.
 Leaving no part out as error,
 but as amplifier
Purposed and Perfect Reminder
Of the Unity within our humanity.


Finding yourself at a Garage sale

Good morning! We had a great garage sale yesterday. Made great connections, had great conversations, encouragement for many hearts...It's beautiful to see how people get excited about such a vulnerable thing as a garage sale. There is a piece of your story that people feel they are witnessing. matter the intent to haggle for a deal, they can't take the value out of what they are receiving.  One lady bought shoes for a steal and it was more important for me for her to go and share about receiving the shoes for a deal then getting a good price for them. Even gave her boyfriend an opportunity for bragging rights 😁😁

But the main highlight....was from the free spiritual and Christian books that we gave away.There were a few times that I went through this batch of books that were gifted to us... over the years... and all these books that were noticed and found by others...that I didn't realize we had...crazy! Ones that were recommended to us to read had found its way under our roof somehow LOL. So I  went for a dig through the collection....and was drawn to a coverless book with small print on the spine. I flipped it open to a random page and read...and laughed out loud seeing the theme of my last week continue to dance out on the page. AMAZING! Expanded awesomeness! I know I am meant to share something pretty huge....a GOOD news. And continue to share it from the insight and guidance I feel I am receiving.  Strangers giving you hugs for sharing from your deepest joy? It's no a hope beyond understanding that you continue to shake your head in amazement...just lovingly awesome!  Compelled with compassion  that there is no limit or restrictions to its flow? Wonder-full!

 So yeah, we had a garage sale, cleared out a bunch of stuff, made some money, and we had good, sunny weather to enjoy as well...the kids sold some baked goods.  Ate banana bread and cookies all day LOL. It was a truly, and fully blessed day.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Look beyond the facts...we are more than "just"

Good morning! Let me describe what you can "see" in my day...On average, I get up at around 2:30 am everyday. I roll out of bed, get a drink a glass of water, go to the bathroom. Then I hop on my tablet, scroll through and read a little, check a few things, and then head to the kitchen. I cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner while cleaning the kitchen and making notes. I pack hubby's lunch bag, kiss him and wish him a good day. Then get something to eat (and drink) again. I do some typing while I am seated on the sofa, and then the boys wake up. We say good morning and then get breakfast going for them, remind them about homework, brushing teeth, and hair, other hygiene details, getting dressed, getting dressed...putting down Lego and getting dressed LOL and then they are off to school. I clean and throw stuff out, get phone calls, texts, texts to check my email, reminders from my phone for appointments, I get dressed and grab my son for lunch. We eat together and then I drop him back at school. I come home, "veg", nap, etc. before the boys get home. They get snacks, do homework, and we prep for dinner. Their dad comes home, I greet him, have dinner and sleep.

There. The summation of my life. Based on facts. Based on what you can "see"...based on "all" that I do.

A few years ago, my "fact" sheet was recounted to me over and over again from others. Others that didn't know me...and even some who "did". ...only validated me by the response to the questions they were asking and saw my life as BAD! VERY BAD! Based on the facts, very FEW people that I thought I knew wanted to be around me (saying my facts were more than they could handle).
...based on FACTS, very few got to experience what I learned in DEPTH...the WEALTH of "who" and "what" I am... The funny thing, as lonely as that sounds and felt at times, I met others during that time in my life...
Those few BLESSED souls (along with a handful of those that chose to see "me") ...I remember them by face and name and experiences...I celebrate their lives AND they have expressed a great gratitude for what I had shared while I journeyed through the "facts". 
 There was one lady in particular who kept my facts ready in front of her and in our every conversation would throw them in my face. We only ever spoke by phone and she wondered how I would stay so calm through the "current" situation at the time. As the situation came to a point of resolution and surprise was her only response, I exclaimed a big resounding "HA!" that punctuated our time together. You see, she was not a woman who believed in faith or having it. It needed to be seen physically, with factual proofs, and the doing and actions was the validation for her. And I, with no facts that matched the desired outcome, had nothing...nothing seen, no actions to prove with...I was an empty mess...and full of only faith. I knew that I had so much more to me and that only a very few would take time to enjoy. And those who did, felt blessed...still do. As do I! No, faith alone is not all you need, however, when you see beyond "seen", you can do anything through God who give such an ability.  Problems are as they are and are as plentiful as the solutions that are meant for their match. I needed time to meet up with the appropriate solution...and it came. I knew it would.... as I had already set in motion the "actions" and the faith that the problem would not be a "fact" of mine much longer.

Don't ask me facts-based questions and expect to have your "final" answer. I am NOT my facts. ANYONE can have the facts that I have or have had. I AM and YOU ARE and always will be, MUCH MORE than your facts.
You see, before my eyes open for the world to see, I pray and share my gratitude to God for another day. There is already a conversation going on within me before my foot touches the floor. As I open my eyes, I look and smile with gratitude at how beautiful my hubby is while he sleeps...sometimes I kiss him...sometimes I just let my heart well up with gratitude that he is sleeping peacefully. No one knows any of this except for me. There will never be any proof that what I share is true. it is not a fact. Then I proceed to either seek inspiration or seek to encourage before I begin the tasks for the day. I will read a quick inspiration or maybe an email. To tell you the truth, I prefer to listen to audios or just go along in my head first thing and it's a bit of a struggle for me to check stuff on the computer, so I have a couple games that need regular maintenance that get me in the space of checking other stuff on the computer/device...and voila! I check email, Facebook, and then move on to prepping my hubby for his day. It's been a journey to do this...I am personally grateful to share this gratitude,but it wasn't always so well received...and that made it hard for me to want to do. And sometimes it hurt...and many times I was frustrated and tired, sore and ill, but still I made sure I did what I could to make sure he had something to eat.  And times I would fall short in this task...It was a lot to get done in an hour or so first thing in the morning. Especially when I was also working and trying to keep up with everything at home...eventually I left the double-job mode and returned to the home front and home business. It's my "love"-service that I know encourages him the most that I do each day. And then I crash and do what encourages me...decompress, check my attitude, get to a calm place (because most likely, like today, I am still a bit tired, but no time to be going back to sleep at the moment) before the boys wake up. So that I can be authentically excited to see them wake up and come for their morning hug and kiss. They smile, breath deeply, and then begin their routine...they mention often how they would prefer to be home-schooled, but they are in a French Immersion program in our neighbourhood school, so they are getting a little something more than I can offer with proficiency. I am sure there will come a point where we do it and learn it together, but for now, they have good teachers and a few good friends and that works. I clean and write and plan and purge and listen to podcasts and books and speakers talking about God, nutrition, mindset, business, finances, stuff my hubby is interested in, other authors, poets, ...inspiration! Or run around doing errands for home or business or the kids or for the hubby. And then I prepare lunch (or my lunch date) with one of my boys. He chose to want to spend this little bit of time with me instead of at school and the lunch fee money goes toward gas instead. it was win-win to me. I make appointments to meet up with others after lunch. Today it will be a study/prayer group and then after, I will come home for my daily meditation and/or nap. Then the boys come home and touch base and I will have something in the evening or just time with the family. Oddly enough, from the outside looking in, it doesn't look like much until I add my personal insight into it. And the same goes for all of us. Offering ourselves the opportunity to balance making connections with others, with ourselves, and getting our daily "do" list done, it's a wonder how we ever let the "facts" be enough in our days.

So know that, I am always looking BEYOND the facts...looking to where the true beauty and goodness is your individual expression of your gifts and you choosing to make something of your days and moments and situations...or not. But the facts...yeah...I'm sure there is more to you than that .

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

A big fear came to the surface this morning. Remember to celebrate

Good morning! This morning I got to witness one of my deepest surprised me.

And where I am at now, I am amazed and grateful to myself for having experienced the fear AND experiencing its relief of concern. It also made me realize that sometimes, just like annoying family members that "keep" an overactive watchful eye out for you (yeah, I said it), that your "fearful" or "critical " thoughts or voices could just be you wanting to make sure of the best for you. It took some time in silence (plus a perspective I learned from an NVC training) to really "hear" what was behind "those" thoughts...LOL and what I "witnessed " was...a loving concern.

So today, that big "fear" I had (have)? It's that...I would fail! Fail to recognize when the gifts, blessings, opportunities, and answered prayers were showing up in my life AND that I would NEGLECT to celebrate its arrival. Fail to see and fail to celebrate. YUP!!! It's a HUGE one! And today, I witnessed an "arrival" and I got a rush go over me...popped my eyes wide open! And immediately I was excited and stayed "cool and calm" at the same time....LOL it was like winning the lotto ;) (which I did yesterday. ..woohoo! Free play! ;) ) . And it was after that moment of quietly celebrating and acting in the moment. ..building its momentum that another wave washed over me....a sigh of relief from my "fear". I didn't waste the moment. ..hurray!

I am not going to plug in a "to do" thought here...I'm not going to say that you should do as I have "shoulds" here. I am just sharing that in my current experience, my "lows" one day amplify my gratitude the next. That my "fears" have lead me to grow as well as "know"...that fullness of my experiences allow me to better "see" those around me and connect authentically...and that, after many years of wanting to "spare" others the grief and pains I have gone through, I can see that that may also deny you the fullness of your celebration.

 So, much love to you all, exactly where you are at...and that you may enjoy an amazing day of being you.

 #thankyouGod #divinegifts #Icansee #itISBeautiful #oneanotherlove #startwithyou #Lovefirst

Monday, January 25, 2016

No more shame...Let's honour who and what we are

A friend posted this video on their Facebook wall. jaw just dropped!
Posted by Black Women Killing It on Thursday, March 27, 2014

And this was my response.... "Elisa Esc Sterling-Cowan Not surprised...I may have been surrounded by it when I was younger...having it thrown in my face, but coming from a family that was of many races (out of many one people indeed!), I was taught to look and recognize my "family" in everybody. I must say though, I was envious of my mom's hair that reached down past her bum naturally! I brushed and combed it almost everyday. I tanned in the sun...I wanted to be beautiful like my mom heart emoticon Let me tell you, I still have my "Black" preemie cabbage patch doll LOL...and her friend Karen, who happens to be a knock off CP doll and "peach-skinned". My sons didn't learn about "Black"/"White" until a few years ago when it came crashing through our door from school and camp. They learned about the differences in cultures in our household. And we celebrate it all the time. And THAT is why I tell my boys they are gorgeous everyday. Someone tried to tell me the other day it was too much, but I know the message they get for the bulk of the day....and its not one of praise on the playground."

Not to say that "mommy being brown" and "daddy being pink" wasn't in the conversation, but we didn't make it about who we are.  It was our character and attitude that matters most.  Now that the "race" card had been played, it has expanded our conversation. I was able to expand on my family heritage of being Native American, Carib, East Indian, Scottish, English, etc, etc...I could explain about my cousin whose father is Chinese, and the beautiful spirit of the Maroons that also runs in our bloodline.  I could share about the shame that even "white" people feel when they find out of their "minority" heritage and how if we were to travel the world, how we would be embraced in a different way than what we sometimes experience here in North America.  Many travellers through our town are in awe and ask to take pictures of our boys.  They are wonderful with great smiles and soft hair.  What more is there than enjoying it fully!

I could also explain things such as genetic types in humans and about food "allergies" and "intolerances" as brought up in a conversation that tried to explain my dietary choices based on me being "Black", which failed miserably. The veils are falling away, but we must not reinforce such practices as shaming diversity.  We are as we are. Even the questions in this video poses a problem as it forces the children to make a choice...a hard choice and it probably will weigh heavily on their minds if it is not used as an opportunity to build up the positive view of themselves instead of leaving it ingrained in them.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Know true value. Don't drop because the dollar does

Good morning! Considering value...I was born here in Canada. Yes, I understand what snow is. I play in it all the time. I know what it feels like to be cold in the winter...I have been to "Winterpeg" a few occasions and experienced the knowing of the warmth we have in Edmonton ;) And I am "old" enough to have witnessed the "rise" and "fall" of the dollar in Canada (in comparison to the USD) to see what it is like to maintain or diminish the standard of living you choose.
So here are a few of my observations...

...stop comparing. Done! I KNOW I am grateful for the nation I am in and the access to the resources I have. When I was younger, my mom would buy food from the farmer's market and my dad from local business owners. They grew a garden, and still do, and they would use recipes from other ethnicities that were affordable in lean times. I now buy local and look to be variable and diversified in how I eat, live, and shop.

...know your talents and gifts. It's probably for this very reason that the the dollar has dropped in the first place (and showing nothing was learned from the crash in 2008) that you MUST diversify your talents and resources (and financially, your income). Do not rely on ONE source. We are each gifted in the thousands with skills and some even to the level of mastery...use it! Stay adaptable in your viewpoint and you will see how you can plug in and be of good service or in meeting your own needs.

...get together with your community. Treat it like Christmas time (hospitality and getting together). Visit with others more often. Get to know the lives of those around you. Get to know the needs of those around you....encourage and build one another up. Keep others in mind when you are meeting your own needs. This one was personally learned and practiced and the fruit of it is huge...every time. The encouragement of your neighbours, bus drivers, shop keepers, cashiers, collegues, and peers will serve you far into the future. It's the most valued resource to maintain. It helps to build up on your own good character. Focus on joy. Focus on loving. Focus on building up yourselves and others.

Don't get dragged down into the doldrums of others. There are many other communities, and countries unaffected  because they've built a simple, solid, sustainable system within...local-based, adaptable, and encouraging...and there are those who can't help but be brought down by the doubts and fears of others. Choose which way you will be contributing.
Well, back to building on "better" today.  Enjoy a beautiful and wonder-filled day.
#thankyouGod #aslongasitiscalledToday #oneanotherlove #buildingbetter #sustainableliving #lifetothefull

Monday, January 18, 2016

Go for the higher solution

From Facebook...

Good morning! My son shared with me a valuable visual this weekend after burning down something his brother created (in Minecraft...coal burns LOL) He hung his head low and cloaked his hood over his face...he felt challenged by his brother calling him out. In that moment I asked him to read to me about Godly sorrow versus Worldly sorrow....Godly sorrow results in a heart that repents and changes for the better...worldly sorrow essentially shrinks back and dies.
After pondering (thinking about himself in light of what he read), he pulled back the hood, picked up the controls, and proceeded to rebuild...bigger and better than what he had broken down. heart emoticon heart emoticon ‪#‎inspired‬
Have YOU ever felt like you were shrinking back? Have you ever struggled with a situation and decided choosing something easier was the way out? I saw this example and felt CONVICTED to not look for the "easier" solution, but the "higher" solution. The solution that includes a great benefit for ALL involved. The fruit is joy, enCOURAGEment, enpowerment, and oddly enough a hint of surprising awe and a feeling of fulfillment. This was all achieved in a moment of Minecraft, but the same results tend to happen when we choose to RISE above the point of "problem" and contribute a gift of solution for more than just ourselves.
Now to see in what ways I can "rise" into this new day. heart emoticon

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Apply as you learn

From Facebook...

Good morning! Learning in a way that allows for practical application in my life...inspires me. Inspires me to take action! HA! And I should probably break my excitement down into bite-sized doable chunks so I don't run into my "friend" overwhelm and get lost in my spinning smile emoticon . So far this year many things have already changed for the better. Little daily chunks of focus and giving myself permission to really THINK about the good and fruitful results I can experience has lead to....good and fruitful experiences. smile emoticon Now, they didn't play out exactly as imagined or thought of, but actually. ..even better and quicker than I imagined. smile emoticon The main thing was, I was willing to receive heart emoticon (...extending trust in Divine benevolence heart emoticon ) hmmmmm.... wink emoticon

Thursday, January 14, 2016

The quest for good sleep...part 1

Good morning from Facebook...

Good morning! ...or at least I am a glad it's still morning. As the boys were getting ready for school, I dozed off and then I woke and thought I missed the whole blinkin' day! Sent a text apologizing and everything! ROFLMBO! πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I haven't slept that good in a long time heart emoticon 2 days this week so far I had bliss out sleep. ..not the meditative-super-conscious-I'm-the-3rd-watchman-of-the-night stuff (which is still restorative and restful too...). I used to love this kind of sleep like nothing else heart emoticon Being a mom of little sleep over the past...13 years!??...LOL, anyways...has brought me to a place of adaptation that I lovingly embrace. I know limits and abilities that are beyond my imagination even today after experiencing them. It's the place where awe and wonder dance and the doorkeeper was love. No other reason would convince me to go there...when we act through's just amazing (won't spoil it for you with description. ..just try it and see for yourself ).... okay, off to go meditate /chew on some beautiful content/nourishment for the soul wink emoticon (now that I'm up wink emoticon ) ‪#‎thankyouGod‬ ‪#‎growing‬ ‪#‎sleepisaluxury‬ ‪#‎Ilikeluxurioussleep‬ ‪#‎sweetspot‬ ‪#‎loverocks‬ ‪#‎gothere‬ ‪#‎DOthroughLove‬

Dr. Wayne Dyer - 10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace - Timely Encouragement

This week I have been encouraged to take (or be willing to take) responsibility for what I want in my life. To dream bigger!

In honesty, I have been "managing" a relationship for ages now, just trying to maintain a "sense" of self in it....and truthfully I have lost a lot of what I would ever define as being "me".  What I thought I was holding on to was actually dismantling me each day and it was (and is) time to let it go. The "holding" part that is. And it is time to allow the pieces of who and what I am (if I am going to "be" anything) to come back together as a whole. A happy, joyful, peaceful, loving whole.  What was shared with me was what I needed to hear in many ways, but left a big hole longing for support and feedback.  Then, as I prayed, I felt prompted to check through my Facebook, and as I scrolled I found a link for a full length recording done by Dr. Wayne Dyer. Wayne Dyer - 10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace. I shared it and then listened. I found it very encouraging and took lots of notes. I KNOW I will be listening to it again.  Take a listen and let me know what resonated with you.

Much peace and success to you.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Love for all seasons in life

Good morning from Facebook...

Good morning! I woke up this morning feeling sad from a dream I had...that it was warm and the grass was still green my dream my heart just sank...missing the snow amd cooler temps and thinking the world's end was near. I felt so good and relieved when I woke and realized it was just a dream, I went and prepped lunch heart emoticon
I love all seasons. their right timing, especially where I am at. If I am somewhere else where that balance of growth, fruitfulness, and rest is maintained in one season type, then fine...but I know I am seasonal and so is where I live, and that beauty is beautiful to me.

My favourite Green Smoothie recipe (for now)

Currently, along with many others who are making the nutritional change and commitment to health (Love the energy of New Year's Resolutions), we have added back to our diets a daily green smoothie for breakfast.

This recipe, by Kimberly Snyder, is our current favourite.  I tend to enjoy the green aspect more from veggies, but the fruit added in this recipe seem to keep everyone happy! So Glowing Green Smoothie it is!

Glowing Green Smoothie
Photo courtesy of

Are you happy, healthy, and successful? 50 Things to try

I came across this article and just had to share!

50 Ways Happier, Healthier, And More Successful People Live On Their Own Terms

Wow! I do a lot of these...and it's a pretty good list. What do you already do? What terrified you to try? (Doing it anyway might be a good thing...#11) ‪#‎lifetweaks‬

Sunday, January 10, 2016

What is Family to you?

Good morning from Facebook...

Good morning! It's funny how some people can feel like family....and others assume you are like family to them. But how you define family is the key. My "family" always has an open door and open heart policy. No matter where I am in the world, my "family" always finds me. Their natural, excellent, welcoming nature leaves no doubt in their minds and their love flows freely whether or not you are deciding to receive it. Hospitable hearts they are. And embracing you and all that you are as a gift in life. They let nothing hold them back from connecting, and if there is something that is, they continue to grow so they may move forward with more ease and freedom.
So blessings to all of my "family" out there...with much love heart emoticon

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Why does clean eating have to be like "punishment"?

Saw this on a friend's Facebook Page and it made me think...

Tom Brady & Gisele BΓΌndchen's Diet Is Stricter Than We Could Have Ever Imagined

"When your body is your work and insured...why not be disciplined in your health and eating commitments. And I know many who eat this way or with this in mind, similar to my own family. Instead of seeing it as restricted, how about exploring the knowledge behind it and enjoying it's flavours wink emoticon I know we do, as do many others and it's a beautiful foundation to eat from. ‪#‎nomnom‬ ‪#‎cleaneating‬ ‪#‎tryitbeforeyouknockit‬ ‪#‎tastesgreat‬ ‪#‎toyourhealth‬"

Awe is in the eye of the Beholder...appreciating "Me"

Good morning from Facebook....

Good morning! ! Okay, I know that I noticed that I have come into a new "Me" a few weeks ago, but man!....It feels kinda be "part" ninja-knight, part "health nut", part "Love advocate" and humble enough (LOL it's harder to type and say "humble" and refer to yourself in the same sentence than it looks or than you are reading it...) to want to grow and be more so that others will do the same. Enjoying awesome is one thing, being it AND wanting it for others is a whole other bag of tricks...and it's amazing.
How to do it? Start with throwing "How" out the window... and Be In Awe as you watch it float unexpectedly like a feather to the ground LOL. Truthfully, Awe is in the eye (and experience) of the Beholder ( something in observation and giving it careful consideration, your attention, and your wonderment! What an amazing and powerful way to "Be" heart emoticon )
Off to enjoy that moment heart emoticon
‪#‎thankyouGod‬ ‪#‎divinelyembraced‬ ‪#‎beholding‬ ‪#‎Lovefirst‬ ‪#‎shareinthejourney‬ ‪#‎greatertogether‬ ‪#‎oneanotherlove‬

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Ruminate! Chew that "cud" of life

Good morning from Facebook...

Good morning! Ruminate. ..thank you cows, goats, and other animals with multiple stomachs for chewing that grass over and over and over again...until it's well worked to get that goodness RIGHT outta there! Some things are worth chewing long and hard on, over and over again...probably because it was so good the first time around we want to go through it again for the same flava. wink emoticon And then, there are things that pick at us...can't quite put our finger on it, so we work it...over and over again until it clicks...and THEN, there is cud we keep chewing. ..the tough kind...that we should just spit out, but we take the hard-knotted swallow and choke it down...only to bring it back up again. Yeah...that "stuff" is giving you gas and stinkin' up the place let it pass. wink emoticon Good news's still makes milk wink emoticon

What is your impact on others?

Photo courtesy of

Years ago, I decided to contribute to the idea of sustainable living with a concept my father taught me when I was younger.  After using the washroom and washing his hands, he would use the paper towel to wipe down the faucet and the counter. Even if HE didn't leave it a mess, at least after he passed through a space, it wouldn't have been left in a way that others would cringe to use it. Leaving the trail of excellence for others to enjoy...even though he is not perfect, in those moments the smile that it put on his face as he enjoyed this personal Self-Mastery moment allowed me to embrace this gift...that no one has to know the good you have done, but you can certainly enjoy knowing that you get to enjoy these little presents you leave through life for others to enjoy as well.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Allowing old "STUFF" to leave to you

Good morning from Facebook...

Good morning! It's a new year and I have begun "new" things...Have you? However, this year may not be so much about starting new as it is about allowing "old" to leave to you. This past week revealed to me...that we all go through some STUFF in life...don't we? Putting-up-with "stuff", people doubting "stuff", discouragement "stuff", wounded-hurting people "stuff"....but there is a "stuff " that hurts the up on yourself "stuff". The doubting your worth-don't wanna breathe-chest full of tears-won't get over the pain-stuffing all personal expression "STUFF" ...THAT STUFF. .. What do you do with that stuff? How do you dovanything with that stuff weighing you down, holding your breaths, gripping your heart?...That's the stuff that has truly clinched in on us...
And, it's beautiful heart emoticon Raw, painful, vulnerable, and, beautiful. THROUGH it grows many fruits...if we allow it to. If we stop shaming ourselves for having believed less than awe and beauty of ourselves., and look to how our eyes are now open to beauty of compassion. ..the opportunity for connection,...the wonder of encouragement. ..we can extend life and love into these spaces.
Alrighty, back to going through more stuff wink emoticon
‪#‎thankyouGod‬ ‪#‎livelifefull‬ ‪#‎allisforgood‬ ‪#‎aslongasIambreathing‬ ‪#‎oneanotherlove‬ ‪#‎builduptogether‬"

Getting more "sweetness" out of lemons

I saw this and I AM going to try this (HAHA gonna dump them all in the freezer!)

Activate Lemon’s Hidden Cancer and Inflammation Fighting Powers By FREEZING Them Like This

rf jan 5
Photo courtesy

So essentially, freeze it whole (organic please) ! And you can blend the whole lemon and freeze in ice cubes as well.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

We are the letters of a greater message

Good morning from Facebook...

Good morning! So you are reading this....using your eyeballs to interpret symbols...taught to you to mean something when they are put represent act in place and with our forms of communication. share and communicate thought, intention, observation, experience, imagination...what if...we are all but letters. ..meant to be strung convey a greater thought, intention...what if....7 billion letters are needed to share an important communication. ..not just to us, but to all the beings within the universe (whether or not we can "see" them)...LOL ‪#‎universalLoveLetter‬
And I was going share about micro and macro aspects of our as you are reading, you are not actually breathing, but being breathed (in more ways than one)... guess it still works wink emoticon
‪#‎thankyouGod‬ ‪#‎oneanotherlove‬ ‪#‎biggerandbetterstill‬ ‪#‎IAm‬ ‪#‎WeAre‬ ‪#‎LoveandLoved‬

Friday, January 1, 2016

Ain't nobody got time for that...let go of what hinders

In these last few weeks, this has become an ongoing saying for me a point where my boys see it coming on my face and know...Don't want to be loving? Getting all rude about yourself? Don't wanna do the dishes? Wanna drag your butt around dropping garbage? Wanna be hatin' on folks? Wanna be about blaming and not taking responsibility? Wanna be ign'ant and not knowing stuff? Wanna be holding yourself back? ....Go ahead! You KNOW you got some more to be throwing in there. ..toss it in! And leave it there! Cuz you know what. (refer to the image.. heart emoticon )