Friday, March 28, 2014

I am...poem

I am poem
constant the question
words and their origins
artful expression
loving in wonder
crying in transitions
beating out the answer
one syllable at a time
Looking to plug in
snapshots and glimpses of
my beautiful vision
stand in the ready with
beautiful conversation
serving the masses
through my      unique-to-me glasses
sharing the view
what is the answer
our life in creation
dancing out to a rhythm
steps with the Spirit
moments of connection
with jewels of non-compensation
of what God gives me to see

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Resurrection ...

Why submit to decay and sting,
why relent to what troubles bring,

Why allow to be down trodden
Weighed down by what you brought in

Misery, grief, regret
Leaving your live to a bet

Why did you think that physical death
was the best way to cleanse
A life of errors and mistakes
and not being able to "fix" it all again

To be born, fresh and new
To start it all over
this journey
To travel forward hoping
that this time you will do

And why do you long for death
Wanting the pains of this life to be over
so that you may enjoy the next.
Setting your joy and your bliss
In realm Divine
And considering this side of life
Is where you are doing your time.

Why not now? To die and live again
In this life you could surrender
In this life you can amend.
You can go under and then rise
A new perspective seen through the SAME eyes.
You can look back without sting
Feel the wave of joy it brings.
Seeing all that was dark glow
And taking forward all you know.

Not wiping clean to relearn again
But taking what was and allowing it to transcend.

Allow sin to have the fullness of its own sting,
and be resurrected into salvation
That Jesus brings.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Are you prepared?

Preparedness - A state of looking and living beyond the limitations and allowing to explore the abundance of opportunities with simplicity and ease.

(okay, it may not be the conventional definition and some would put another word in front....(Faith?  Gratitude? Discipleship? Enlightenment? Peace?) However, accepting that we (you and me) already exist beyond our limitations is a difficult observation and practice (perhaps we are divided in our focus?).)

Seeing ourselves connected and unified instead of separated (like floating chunks of flesh that "somehow" move in the same direction...) is also "hard" for people to comprehend.

But if I was to say (and as many say on my newsfeed....I have a great wealth in like-minded and faithful individuals around me) that you are FIRST love, joy, happiness, eagerness, energetic, healthy, unified, supported and that your actions and experiences are all ways and indications of you working it out to return to unity and connection from a place of separation, would you believe it? Would you be willing to explore the possibility of what comes first?  Could you imagine that your feelings of separation are meant to amplify the good in life that you feel contrasted against?

It's all possible...maybe even worth consideration, perhaps even an exploration, even better still, an don't even have to take my word for can "check" it out for yourself ;)