Thursday, August 10, 2017

"Eggshells of humanity"- Remove the blocks to one another connections

Have we gotten into the habit of creating a mine field full of proverbial eggshells that get in the way of genuine connectivity between one another?
Because, if you were to put off the examples of contact that you may have "acquired" from others (that don't work too well) and you approached your neighbour per se with childlike curiosity and innocence, what do you think would transpire?
I watched how my boys hesitated to go across the street and play with our neighbour's grandson and his dad. I went over and sat on their porch and still...they lingered. The dad invited them over and from there they had a great time playing basketball. Laughter, excitement, play, and joy. No imaginary eggshells needed. No preconceived awkward moments...just the experience of making some new friends and connections 
Maybe we should "try" for the ease of connection first instead of the readiness of defense. Today my son kicked a few "eggshells" aside and gave me a hug.  I think that is a great place to start 
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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Just sit, and eat the good cookie! Changing the ingredients (bones) of the story

A story....about joy, sharing your intentions, communication, choosing to be in the moment of connection and hearing/listening to one another, expressing your ability to support others in their joy, and loving...through condition/situation/circumstance.

...I'm being haunted by dang cookies! LMBO!! From a buffet of cookies (non gluten-free) being laid out as snacks, to a cookie monster t-shirt (same night), to not choosing to eat a favourite cookie for the experience of something new and wishing you had the cookie you love (and having eaten "BAD" poutine) and top it ALL off, an unexpressed desire to have a cookie that lead me to "losing" my appetite ...which I haven't experienced in a LONG time.

So naturally, I think today is a PERFECT day to bake cookies!! SERIOUSLY! It's time! To claim FULLY this cookie "monster" and own it by bringing it full circle into a supportive space...REALLY! LOL!

And with that said, yesterday's events didn't allow for the fullest experience of joy into the "cookie" space as what could have been had. It got clouded with uncommunicated intentions and not very thoughtful behaviours that robbed a perfectly good JOY moment of its radiance.

Now the details....hmmmm...they tend to open up a can of worms sometimes or can take away from the overall message if not trained in observing or trying to witness the connections. So I will start with the Connective points...

...these are from my bias observation.... a missed opportunity of connection after an accomplishment...a moment of disappointment....feeling of fatigue....the desire to feel good and experience joy...miss opportunity to share joy...crossed wired of communication...oversight of overstimulus (a.k.a. distracted) ...a desire to connect in the chaos and to be heard...the putting on of shame and anger and blame...the refusal to be blamed for distractions...the silent treatment...loss of appetite....still under the cloak of blame and not being seen or heard...putting up a wall of space (guarding my heart)...disgusted by disconnection...more silence...speeding...getting tired at the wheel...flinching...separation....disconnection....isolation....whatever...triggered anger....reflection...ownership...choice

....the story behind it, just as long. All because of a cookie? No... the story and the cookie are all circumstantial...situations....conditional. It could be glazed over with any story as "frosting" and in truth, it has been.

Same bones (or ingredients) ...But what could help change the reincarnation of these bones over and over ....and over again? By first seeing them there for what they are. Blowing off situation after situation (same "stuff", different pile my folks used to say) just keeps breathing the same breath into these dry bones....only for them to fall flat again and again.

BUT, if we choose to really see them...and take away the extras (the bones that no longer connect, support or serve us) and put it together in an order that can support itself....well, then maybe it can stand ....firm...and jump and dance, and TRULY come alive. And be that full expression of love, and joy...regardless of the "skin" those bones get put into... need to justify....sustainable....energizing....uplifting...Amazing!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

You are an agent of agency. The gift of divine choice

Good morning! My "ponders" this morning have been interesting....all centered around choice. We are ALL divinely gifted with "agency". This is the individual capacity to make your OWN choices....However, have you noticed, that in every are "forced" to use it? Even continuing on in reading this post is an expression of both agency and the "structure" of having to choose. Even when you think you aren't choosing, you are. Even when you think you are "tired" of "others" making choices for you, you chose to allow it. Even when you have set up an individual structure based on a belief that you will not let anyone "sway" your choice, you are choosing to show up in the moments of your life with the filter of mistrust and the desire to control your own destiny. Which you have! Because you made the choice!
Years ago (and with other likeminded individuals who share on the same point), I began to explore the value and weight of this gift. I decided (chose) to allow myself to pause and witness for the "space" between an opportune moment and the "action" that followed the choice.
Actually, it began in the grocery stores when my boys were in the stroller and somehow....there was a constant "choice" by many ladies to RUN INTO THE STROLLER with their shopping carts! It was driving me nuts! Challenging my "momma bear" to no end. Several ladies were quite rude and others acted as though they didn't see them. SO I started bringing a friend along to see what was happening. And INDEED, time and time again...BASH!!....scaring my child, causing him to cry, and "engaging" the conversation of "why did you do that?" And myself and my friend noticed as we shopped not just the crash choices, but the process of weighing choice. It became a game to witness the gap :)
I share this (not to say that I set up the scenario, which I didn't. As a new mom, the first thing I wanted was my son to be quiet for moment or enjoy his nap...) to bring light to the fact that not only do we all have choice in every moment, but that there is also a "gap" between the options of choice and the following course of action. And in that, when we are observing the gap between choice and action, we also get the opportunity to recognize how we are using our divine gift of agency as well. We get to chose within the choice of choosing our moment to moment actions....hmmmmm , that was a lot of choice in there LOL. In short, how do I want my process of choice to look like? Do I want to set up a foundation where I can't trust anyone, and then filter from there? Do I want my choices to reflect that I desire to see beauty, love, and light in each moment? Do I want my moments in life to be serving the greater good of all around me and to light the path for others in each step I take? Really, the possibilities are endless! In which EVER direction you CHOOSE, it is yours to live and to becomes your breathing experiences. It's so awesome to just know the level to which you can not only CHOOSE but also to CHANGE in any given moment...and the next moment....and well, that choice in that moment din't go so well, but there is CHOICE waiting to be explored in the the very NEXT moment, and so on and so on.
SO my dear friends, I honour your gift of choice and how you choose to use it. And I, will also be honouring and using MY gift of agency in the way I have chosen for it to be expressed in my life as well....moment by moment.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Opps, it's a bit "cajun"! For the love of mastery!

I shared a story of inspiration in life on facebook this morning. My heart is still full from being put back in the moment as it was happening. I truly believe that...the gifts of experience and the treasures hidden in our pasts are meant to be gems in our present and future living. Enjoy the story ❤

Good morning! ❤ I cooked one side of an omlette for my hubby a lil "crispy" this morning. Well done eggs at least And then I was transported to a memory of having gone out to breakfast when my grandpapa was here visiting from NY. The server brought my dad a stacked plate of pancakes. Well loaded with all the fixings. My grandpapa was sharing his tip for perfectly brewed coffee and how to take the bitterness off (add a small pinch of salt to the bottom of the pot as it brews). As my dad went to cut into the stack, he couldn't get through. His laughter in that moment still inspires me. He knew exactly why. His face read like a book. Both when they brought the well dressed stack and when he tried to cut into it.
You see, my dad LOVED to cook. He is a gourmet. He worked with cruise ships and some time in New Orleans. And his main contract as a decorator was with top hotels and a restaurant business. He prided himself in living in mastery...
So he knew the pancakes were burnt on one side. He called the server over and shared a story....that story lead into the reason why it's not good to hide your "shortcomings" and how it is better to desire to share the best of your choices and work.
LOL he got an even bigger, fluffier, stack of fresh pancakes brought out.
I didn't burn the omlette that bad LOL.... I did put the "burnt" side to the middle...and I am extremely grateful to be continuing on the "teachings" from the mundane, the playfulness in mastery, and the heart of hidden treasures.