Friday, September 8, 2017

It can all start with one word... Genshai, the Golden Rule, Sawubona

Genshai - This word was introduced to me by Kevin Hall years ago whom I met personally at a conference where he spoke and I also received his book "Aspire" (which is on my keeper shelf) .
It's funny, because a year prior I was recommended by both Bob and John to get in touch with him as I had a similar love and particular"ness" for words in the same way.

....The meaning of the word, "that you should never treat others in a way that would make them feel small," I expanded to include myself and almost anything I come into contact with. It really expanded the way that I would receive the world around me. It also expanded the way I would read and well as my personal consideration and relationship with of God. The viewpoint from which I viewed my life "grew".

But I'm not sure that everyone would have read the meaning the same as I did. You see, it's not just about "not" making others feel's about questioning yourself on how you choose to see. Well, if it isn't "small" or "insignificant" than what is it? If I can't "belittle" it or take away the person's name and only refer to them as a number or a file, then what am I supposed to do? And also, if we can't think small does that mean we have to think big? Well, why not for the possibility of more...that like you, this person or thing before you has had quite the journey and story to share that might just surprise you....that might even inspire you....and might connect you to a part of you that you are meant to "see" in a deeper way.

And in that, the "golden rule" comes forward. "Do to others whatever you would like them to do to you." But have you considered yourself really and truly know what you would like? In life, in actions, in love.... to bring love forward to another? Again, this scripture asks you to consider yourself and what YOU like...

And yet another  word, Sawubona.
This is a Zulu greeting that means “We see you”. And in the expanded version of how I apply it in my life...if I am saying this greeting, “Sawubona”, who is “we”? This again brings around your consideration into yourself….”who” is “I”? For myself, my “I” is a wholeness that includes the ever-presence of God...period. So with 7 billion people alone on this earth (and not including the other beings of animals, bugs, etc on this planet) that we are sharing breath with, we get to witness what would be a handful of those around us. We don’t get to see everyone who may pass by in the same space, so what does that mean for those of us that we do get to see? Perhaps there is a greater reason we can explore if we choose to connect to it.

In order for us to consider the vastness, the significance, the potential greatness of one another, we must first give that consideration of ourselves. So I ask you (and myself) today, In what ways have you been treating yourself and considering yourself as small? And how can you suspend those thoughts and considerations to allow yourself to be seen (and enjoyed) in a “bigger” way? Honestly, our dreams are but a glimpse of what is possible...but it is still possible. And if we could just expand our day to day view of much more joy and wonder could we be experiencing?

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

I am and you are not a burden. You are cherished

Good morning, 

As I went to settle the worries of an anxious child this morning I shared how it was my honour to consider his safety, happiness, and well-being. By no means is it a burden or where I would have him to feel guilt or shame for having to consider such things. I don't expect him to be perfect. I don't want to expect or imagine a perfect fairytale-all-done-for-you existence. Sometimes I remember what it feels like to think that I "should" be one way or another. How I didn't meet up to the expectations of those around me and how I was "supposed" to feel weighed down with guilt and though that was supposed to motivate me to be something different than what I am or what I was experiencing. To have the guilt and shame morphed me into something...ANYthing other than me so others could be happy.

And I can feel that now....that there are expectations of me to be the happiest, healthiest, and wealthiest person in the lives of those around me. That anything that I could imagine becomes my reality in an instant. That I could travel and be anywhere I wanted to be at the drop of a hat. That I could just speak and money would be dropped at my feet in overflowing abundance. That I would be beautiful to behold by all and just glow with infinite wisdom and radiance. Oddly enough, I know that there are those in my life that are disappointed with me....having illness to live with, work through, and overcome. That I have financial struggles.  That I 'waste' my intelligence in the presence of stupid, 'uneducated' people. That I carry any extra weight or body fat not rippling with muscle tone. I have crushed their expectations with bruit force. And with all this, here I Imperfect, ill, struggling, not as fit as I once was....  

I admit, I do have a 'hint' of struggle. I recognize my own humanity. And I also  look to what it is that I truly value, want, and love in my life. I may not be dreaming about a "dream" life for myself, as I have let dreaming slip from me recently, but I DO feel honoured to have the privilege to witness, love, and stand up for my beautiful family. That their smiles and hugs and touches light me up. That sharing in their struggles and maybe able to be their for support is a gift. To be spoken to and listened to by them fills my soul. That their actions in life include me in it. That the beauty of discovery and growth can be shared with and celebrated. I feel so special to be associated with them and know that I look on with such joy and delight....You see, I have expectations too. But these are the moments that I cherish experiencing and because they get to be here and living is an honour for me to witness. And then from there, I chose to honour the witnessing of ME being here and in my unique experience...through divine union. And it's not about my family first or me's just that they are a part of my immediate experience each day. And it's THAT that goes unseen. Your witnessing of your perspective and experience in this world. SO who better to appreciate than you? Who better than me to give honour to the joy of my experiences than me?

I love you, and I hope you can love and celebrate you too...with all of us ❤

Love always,

Thursday, August 10, 2017

"Eggshells of humanity"- Remove the blocks to one another connections

Have we gotten into the habit of creating a mine field full of proverbial eggshells that get in the way of genuine connectivity between one another?
Because, if you were to put off the examples of contact that you may have "acquired" from others (that don't work too well) and you approached your neighbour per se with childlike curiosity and innocence, what do you think would transpire?
I watched how my boys hesitated to go across the street and play with our neighbour's grandson and his dad. I went over and sat on their porch and still...they lingered. The dad invited them over and from there they had a great time playing basketball. Laughter, excitement, play, and joy. No imaginary eggshells needed. No preconceived awkward moments...just the experience of making some new friends and connections 
Maybe we should "try" for the ease of connection first instead of the readiness of defense. Today my son kicked a few "eggshells" aside and gave me a hug.  I think that is a great place to start 
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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Just sit, and eat the good cookie! Changing the ingredients (bones) of the story

A story....about joy, sharing your intentions, communication, choosing to be in the moment of connection and hearing/listening to one another, expressing your ability to support others in their joy, and loving...through condition/situation/circumstance.

...I'm being haunted by dang cookies! LMBO!! From a buffet of cookies (non gluten-free) being laid out as snacks, to a cookie monster t-shirt (same night), to not choosing to eat a favourite cookie for the experience of something new and wishing you had the cookie you love (and having eaten "BAD" poutine) and top it ALL off, an unexpressed desire to have a cookie that lead me to "losing" my appetite ...which I haven't experienced in a LONG time.

So naturally, I think today is a PERFECT day to bake cookies!! SERIOUSLY! It's time! To claim FULLY this cookie "monster" and own it by bringing it full circle into a supportive space...REALLY! LOL!

And with that said, yesterday's events didn't allow for the fullest experience of joy into the "cookie" space as what could have been had. It got clouded with uncommunicated intentions and not very thoughtful behaviours that robbed a perfectly good JOY moment of its radiance.

Now the details....hmmmm...they tend to open up a can of worms sometimes or can take away from the overall message if not trained in observing or trying to witness the connections. So I will start with the Connective points...

...these are from my bias observation.... a missed opportunity of connection after an accomplishment...a moment of disappointment....feeling of fatigue....the desire to feel good and experience joy...miss opportunity to share joy...crossed wired of communication...oversight of overstimulus (a.k.a. distracted) ...a desire to connect in the chaos and to be heard...the putting on of shame and anger and blame...the refusal to be blamed for distractions...the silent treatment...loss of appetite....still under the cloak of blame and not being seen or heard...putting up a wall of space (guarding my heart)...disgusted by disconnection...more silence...speeding...getting tired at the wheel...flinching...separation....disconnection....isolation....whatever...triggered anger....reflection...ownership...choice

....the story behind it, just as long. All because of a cookie? No... the story and the cookie are all circumstantial...situations....conditional. It could be glazed over with any story as "frosting" and in truth, it has been.

Same bones (or ingredients) ...But what could help change the reincarnation of these bones over and over ....and over again? By first seeing them there for what they are. Blowing off situation after situation (same "stuff", different pile my folks used to say) just keeps breathing the same breath into these dry bones....only for them to fall flat again and again.

BUT, if we choose to really see them...and take away the extras (the bones that no longer connect, support or serve us) and put it together in an order that can support itself....well, then maybe it can stand ....firm...and jump and dance, and TRULY come alive. And be that full expression of love, and joy...regardless of the "skin" those bones get put into... need to justify....sustainable....energizing....uplifting...Amazing!