Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Reflections of Wall-E: Part 2 Convenience and thought

Is the convenience of modern devices and luxuries taking away our ability to think?

I am a thinker. I ponder and reflect on many things. I encourage the same from those who I interact with. My husband, my children, my family all are given the opportunity to think. It does take time to think things through, but in the end it can save a lot of time as well. As I have experienced for the bulk of my life, many people have said I think too much. This may have been true. As I look at my life now I see that I gave most things the due thought required and I enjoyed the experiences that I had, having little regret. In the moments I do regret, I feel I put in less thought than I should of.....not being in the moment and letting other "devices" make the decision for me. I thought it would be easy, but the moment was as I thought it would be and the memory lacks the defined edges that I have with other moments in my life.

So what if you gave yourself more time to think?  What if you thought about the choices you were making?  What if, instead of someone providing you with the convenience of not having to think about this thing or that, that you gave thought to the process they are trying to save you from?

See, the point I made above, which may have been missed, is in those moments were I chose not to think for myself and allowed something or someone else to decide, the memory of the moment is more  undefined....the part that I do remember clearly is the consequence I experienced after.

But in the movie, Wall-E, those people went generations without deciding on some key fundamentals for themselves.  They got lulled into the ideal of convenience and "luxury" and paid for it with a disconnect from their bodies and minds, individual thought, and even from enjoying things that humans do so well, like walk, run, dance...the sacrifice of our own thoughts being translated into form and action is one gift we have all been given on an individual basis.  Let's not give up our creative gift for the sake of convenience.  Let's enjoy using our minds, think through the process, and create healthy, sustainable, and enjoyable lives.