Friday, December 12, 2008

Hydrogenated, partially hydrogenated, interesterfied???

I was surprised and intrigued to read interesterified soybean oil on a label of margarine the other day. I had not come across it before and so I looked it up. According to Wikipedia, "Interesterified fats are oils that have been chemically modified." Definitely I would like to choose to avoid 'chemical modification' if at all possible. Being that most modified foods are not easily recognized by our bodies to digest and may be perceived as toxic to our bodies and treated as such, thus causing all the side effects that go along with this kind of toxicity.

I then began to question what is so wrong with butter and the naturally occurring saturated fat it has? Again this lead to another search and I found The 20 Health benefits of Real Butter. I had already been referred to using butter with a 1 to 1 mix with extra virgin olive oil by my holistic doctor as well as butter as an accepted fat on Dax Moy's Elimination Diet, and Organic butter references from other nutritionists, I have decided to turn to the 50/50 butter/olive oil mix, but I will use organic butter and in moderation and not only will it be economical, but it will be a healthy and beneficial fat that I can add to my diet.

Don't own it! - clubFYM post July 8, 08

If you don't want it, put it back. If it's not who you want to be, don't own it!

I can't remember when and where this phrase came about, but it has been a while now. As a young girl, my mom would hear us say something negative and counter it with the opposite. For example, if my sister was getting down on herself about not understanding something and call herself stupid, my mom would intercede and say "Oh NO hunny! You are smart! Don't let anyone tell you different!"

So I would begin to OWN the things I wanted. "I AM beautiful!" (that's my big time "OWN" statement) "I AM smart!" "I AM fit!" And everyone believed it as well. Not only was it believed, but I also lived it out. It became part of me and who I wanted to be.

Many times I catch those around me making statements about the things they want to change, but the way they speak of the things they want to change about themselves are "Own it" statements......'I will never get this',..... 'I am always messing things up',....... 'I am a failure', etc. And as my mom did for me and my sisters I have paid forward in the statement "Don't own it!" If you don't want to be that, then don't own it. It's not who you are or who you want to be. Own what you want to be.

"I am not lazy!" "I AM considerate!" "I AM humble!" "I am loving!" "I love myself!" "I have a great smile!" "People want to get to know me!" "I make a great friend!" "I really DO care about my health!" "I care about others and the influence I have on them!" "I won't poison myself!" "I am fun to be around!" "I am a leader!" "I ENJOY the life I live~!"

There are so many little things in who we are that we can apply this to, and as we keep owning the things we want, it only gets better and better.

I want my children to love who they are and be confident about the life they are living. The one way children learn the best is through the example of their parents. "I am setting positive examples for my children to model in their own lives!"

I had enough of beating myself up and have others do the same to me and around me......I had to BREAK that mold and step out with a new pair of shoes....made for walking forward and not kicking me when I was down. Let's be mindful to positively go after the change we want in our lives. Let's strut in these new shoes! "I AM a positive, radiant woman!" ....Just OWN it!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Pride of Ownership - ClubFYM post Oct 11, 2008

I was watching TV and a phrase popped into my ears and stuck there....Pride of Ownership! It was referring to a home that was well taken care of and reflected the love that the owner had put into it.

I got an email from the city councillor that I have been in contact with over the last week (well her assistant) and it turns out from what they have suggested that I do, I have taken every avenue to try and get this situation resolved. Now it feels as though I am just waiting for it to come through the wall in the kids room now. The signs have already started as what happened before, when we had discovered a mold issue in our kids room on the window wall (quality windows are a good investment....quality installation is a key component). The boys don't want to sleep in their room and won't sleep through the night anymore (on top of the fact that they are sick). And of course, my "spidey" senses can smell that same smell and going into that room triggers my asthma. I am hoping that I'm just being sensitive, but if it has made it's way through, it will be quite the undertaking.

I can't help but to think about the topic of neglect. I am an advocate for love and coming from a past that was filled with neglect, I can't imagine any other path to forge forward with. But when it comes to putting something off to the side and not giving it the due love, and respect, whether it be a home to maintain, a child to raise, or to stay healthy and fit, you could be encouraging something negative and unknown to foster. Without putting the love into what you do, you can not expect to get in return positive results. Want a nice, clean house? Put in the love to get it there. That house in return is going provide you with shelter and a place to be together as a family. If you don't take care of and maintain a home it could come down around you. Want a fit, healthy body? Put in the love into what you do to get it there. Love up on your workouts and being active. Don't think of giving up food or taking on the responsibility of being thoughtful about what you put in body as a burden, but rather as the due respect and love your body, YOU, require. How else are you going to get healthy than to live it. Live the lifestyle.....being unhealthy or thoughtless about the care of your body (and the environment around you) leads to many negatives, from pain, reduced quality of life or even no life at all. And if we put in to ourselves the attitude of "pride of ownership" we will help to shape not only our lives in a positive way, but our children will have that example to live from as well.

So back to loving up on this home and hoping for the necessary fixes to take place so that everyone (including the home) can return to an improve state of health and respect and continue to serve into the future.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Living the metaphor - Club FYM post Nov 12, 2008

I struggled today. Struggled to have energy and strength....I am not well and not sure what is ailing me. My chest has been hurting me and it is quite painful. And I thank God for the reminder to do as I want to do in the moments I do have as I am not guaranteed the next.

After sharing at a women's midweek service this evening I spoke with one of my friends and asked how she was doing with her fitness journey. She used the phrase "I can't get the food part down." And I shared with her this thought.......everything we do in life is a metaphor for our relationship with God. She then went over all that she had said in our conversation about fitness and saw the connection to our walk with God. She then said to me "Why didn't you just say that to me in the beginning!" (she had come to me to help her with her weight loss goals).......Then I said "I guess you have to live the metaphor to understand it."

Living my life as a Christian has given me great joy and revelation. I can see so many connections in everything we do in life and how it relates to my ultimate goal. And the metaphor of our weight/fat loss journeys are included as well. How many of us were "slim" before and didn't appreciate it? Or didn't even work for it? Or ate whatever we wanted and were still slim? And then when it was "gone", we are now fighting to get it back. The fight is the living part and that's what is great about this journey. Now we are gaining knowledge and wisdom through experience and association, and we are growing on the inside and glowing on the outside. Regardless of where you think you are at in your goals, you have already succeeded in growing as a woman, because you are living the metaphor.....walking the journey.
So look for those connections in your life....through parenting or marriage, through your relationships with co-workers or family and see how you can learn from what doesn't work to make what you want to work in your life a success!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Giving our presence not just presents during this Holiday season - ClubFYM blog post Dec.3,'08

As many have been reflecting on all the "to-do's" on their lists this holiday season some are experiencing a level of stress, perhaps based on perceived expectations of having to produce a gift that was specifically requested for or preparing a meal and ambiance for a feast and Christmas card experience. Either way you are expected to be present in that moment. How about making your presence the present you give?

Try sharing cost effective (or free) ways to love up on those around you. Encouraging letters or notes, Hand-written cards, an updated photo of you or your family, if you are spiritual, share quotes or scriptures of encouragement, put together an arrangement of songs and music. It takes as much time to go shopping for that gift as it does to put the thought and effort into something more personal.

So think of ways that you can give your personal touch to those around you in a way that they will remember for years to come and will help to make a difference in their lives. This is not only applicable for this holiday season, but throughout the year.

Friday, November 21, 2008

How long

As I reflect today on the health issues I have been experiencing, I am reminded that we are not promised forever in this world. I am truly grateful at how blessed my life has been. I have two beautiful boys, who are not only wonderful to share time, cuddles, and kisses with, but make me smile just at the sight of them. They are compassionate and when they see tears in my eyes, they do their best to comfort me and make me feel better. My prayer for them is that they live their lives appreciating the beauty that God has created and have hearts that desire to love as Jesus loved......wholeheartedly and full of passion.

I am truly grateful to God for gracing my life with someone who would not only challenge me to continue to grow closer to God, but who I would enjoy spending my life with. I truly love my husband as he is my best friend and has inspired me to live my life to the full in ways he could have never imagined. My hope and prayer for him is that he remain a nurturing, loving, serving, and compassionate man. That he keep his vow to God, and in honour of what we share, strive to grow closer to God each and every day of his life with his whole heart. That he will encourage our boys to grow to become wholehearted and loving men of God.

My life is full of joy, opportunities, appreciation, gratitude, and love. More than I could have dreamed and there is the potential for more to come. Thank you God!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Club FYM post of the day - Stay Down (Nov 20,2008)

What another beautiful morning! Filled with glass shattering screeches and I bathed my son after his splishity splashity 30 seconds of fame in an unflushed toilet (MWAHAHAHAHA...the joy of being a mom) and a dance-a-thon in the kitchen with my oldest son.

When I visit my page (on ClubFYM), I sometimes bust a move as the music plays. It's what I workout to and do my intervals to (chorus High, verse Low.....). I do my stretches and cool down to Keisha Cole, Mary, and Alicia and then get my inspiration (compare to the moment in the movie "Gone in 60 seconds" where they began their night with their song) and reminder of who I am from the song, "What I've Done" by Linkin Park.

But today I wanted to share in the lyrics from Mary J. Blige's "Stay Down". The chorus stuck out to me as being a call to persevere through struggles and being that we have all been through them, I thought I would share......


Stay down. (We're almost to the very best part)
Stay down. (You'll always be the pride in my heart)
Stay down. (We too can pass the test)
Stay down. (Yeah, we gotta lot of work)
Stay down. (I know it ain't been the best but it certainly ain't been the worst)
Stay down. (The drama will not last forever)
Stay down. (We'll beat it long as we're together)
One day we'll look back on this. (Yeah)
We'll be like "Remember this"? (Remember this)
And it's gonna make us smile. (Make us smile)
Cause in the end we stayed down..........

Understand you are the one on my heart.
(And I'm holding yours so we can't live apart)
When things stop making sense we'll figure it out.
(I walked into this and I don't wanna walk out no, no)
(Everything ain't gonna be how we like)
(And what is worth keeping if it didn't take a fight?)
(Your healing is in me and my healing is in you)
(So get your mind right cause this is what we're gonna do)

Stay committed, persevere , continue to take action, and together we can get through.

Romans 12: 1 - 8

Yesterday I had a fun and surprising day that worked out beautifully. The plan was to head over to my friend's house early and meet my hubby there (since he worked on that end of town) as Midweek service was being held there and I was not planning on missing it again. It was time to engage in the group, Connecting with God, and get our involvement and continued spiritual growth on track.
After getting my son off the school bus, we had lunch and got ready to go out. I had received an email that day, 20% off entire order at Victoria Secret, Today only! After winning a gift card from the Fit Yummy Mummy Summer Transformation Challenge and already having my selections picked out that I would order, I was all set for the arrival of the gift card in the luck. So as we were getting ready to head out, there was a knock on the door.....It was the postal carrier with a box. Probably another package that my hubby ordered. Then he asked for me. WOOHOO!! It was the gift card. SO I placed my order and then got a call from my friend and we were off across the city. I was saying to myself if we catch a bus that passes by the Planet Organic store, we will jump off, grab some oats and get back on track. It was such a smooth plan and it worked out beautiful. We made it to my friends house, had dinner and a nap, and then was ready to go for getting into God's word. We broke down Romans 12: 1-8 and it was very encouraging.
We went through what it was to be a living sacrifice, to be humble and unified and to use the talents that God has given us. One point was brought up towards the end........God has given all of us a measure of faith....How do you increase your faith? By hearing and reading God's word. Through your faith being increased, then your mind is renewed and you can use your gifts more fully. Very encouraging words. So my plan over the next week is to really get into the Bible and see what wonderful insight and further encouragement I can gain and how Ican share it with others......on to be inspired =D.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Great time to get the giggles

As we settled into a family cuddle in our bed last night, I felt as though we were all wrapped up in a loving blanket of security. We had just finished watching the movie "Wall-E" beforehand and enjoyed the time shared together. All smiles around, we took turns to pray and thank God for all we experienced during the day. As the boys settled into to their bed, my hubby turned out the lights and wrapped his arms around me. As I tried to convince the kids to be quiet, close their eyes and go to sleep, it was obvious it wasn't going to be a peaceful drift into slumber. I jokingly started to snore and my son said he was not able to sleep with me making that noise. So I decided to not respond and go silent and the quiet came. I was drifting into a comfortable slumber when......"snicker, snicker". I opened my eyes and paused. "Snicker,snicker,snicker." I turned around and asked"What are you doing?" My hubby got the giggles and he couldn't stop. We all started laughing. It had been a while since he had the giggles and it made me happy. When we had settled down after the laughter we all took a deep breath and then fell asleep, filled with joy.

Waking up this morning I still had a smile on my face and I think that a heart-felt laugh is a great way to end the day.