Saturday, December 6, 2008

Living the metaphor - Club FYM post Nov 12, 2008

I struggled today. Struggled to have energy and strength....I am not well and not sure what is ailing me. My chest has been hurting me and it is quite painful. And I thank God for the reminder to do as I want to do in the moments I do have as I am not guaranteed the next.

After sharing at a women's midweek service this evening I spoke with one of my friends and asked how she was doing with her fitness journey. She used the phrase "I can't get the food part down." And I shared with her this thought.......everything we do in life is a metaphor for our relationship with God. She then went over all that she had said in our conversation about fitness and saw the connection to our walk with God. She then said to me "Why didn't you just say that to me in the beginning!" (she had come to me to help her with her weight loss goals).......Then I said "I guess you have to live the metaphor to understand it."

Living my life as a Christian has given me great joy and revelation. I can see so many connections in everything we do in life and how it relates to my ultimate goal. And the metaphor of our weight/fat loss journeys are included as well. How many of us were "slim" before and didn't appreciate it? Or didn't even work for it? Or ate whatever we wanted and were still slim? And then when it was "gone", we are now fighting to get it back. The fight is the living part and that's what is great about this journey. Now we are gaining knowledge and wisdom through experience and association, and we are growing on the inside and glowing on the outside. Regardless of where you think you are at in your goals, you have already succeeded in growing as a woman, because you are living the metaphor.....walking the journey.
So look for those connections in your life....through parenting or marriage, through your relationships with co-workers or family and see how you can learn from what doesn't work to make what you want to work in your life a success!

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