Sunday, December 7, 2008

Pride of Ownership - ClubFYM post Oct 11, 2008

I was watching TV and a phrase popped into my ears and stuck there....Pride of Ownership! It was referring to a home that was well taken care of and reflected the love that the owner had put into it.

I got an email from the city councillor that I have been in contact with over the last week (well her assistant) and it turns out from what they have suggested that I do, I have taken every avenue to try and get this situation resolved. Now it feels as though I am just waiting for it to come through the wall in the kids room now. The signs have already started as what happened before, when we had discovered a mold issue in our kids room on the window wall (quality windows are a good investment....quality installation is a key component). The boys don't want to sleep in their room and won't sleep through the night anymore (on top of the fact that they are sick). And of course, my "spidey" senses can smell that same smell and going into that room triggers my asthma. I am hoping that I'm just being sensitive, but if it has made it's way through, it will be quite the undertaking.

I can't help but to think about the topic of neglect. I am an advocate for love and coming from a past that was filled with neglect, I can't imagine any other path to forge forward with. But when it comes to putting something off to the side and not giving it the due love, and respect, whether it be a home to maintain, a child to raise, or to stay healthy and fit, you could be encouraging something negative and unknown to foster. Without putting the love into what you do, you can not expect to get in return positive results. Want a nice, clean house? Put in the love to get it there. That house in return is going provide you with shelter and a place to be together as a family. If you don't take care of and maintain a home it could come down around you. Want a fit, healthy body? Put in the love into what you do to get it there. Love up on your workouts and being active. Don't think of giving up food or taking on the responsibility of being thoughtful about what you put in body as a burden, but rather as the due respect and love your body, YOU, require. How else are you going to get healthy than to live it. Live the lifestyle.....being unhealthy or thoughtless about the care of your body (and the environment around you) leads to many negatives, from pain, reduced quality of life or even no life at all. And if we put in to ourselves the attitude of "pride of ownership" we will help to shape not only our lives in a positive way, but our children will have that example to live from as well.

So back to loving up on this home and hoping for the necessary fixes to take place so that everyone (including the home) can return to an improve state of health and respect and continue to serve into the future.

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