Sunday, September 27, 2009

Get the most out of the season....What are you harvesting?

I love Autumn! It is my favorite season and September is the point at which major change in my life is marked by a series of unforgettable events. Well, I must say that over the last 6 months months or so, there have been many unforgettable moments that have helped to bring on "my" season of change and growth. I have gotten a great opportunity to really search who I am and what I am really about and I am truly thankful at the revelation that had come about.

So now that there was the fruit of change, what am I going to harvest from the experiences? For one, I have dreams and they are big and being set into motion. I am grateful to be a mom and a woman that is older than she was, and I want to embrace the wisdom that God provides. I enjoy being a maturing woman and I wouldn't want it any other way. I can say that I have learned a lot from my youthful ways, but I really want to thrive in this new season and enjoy a plentiful harvest that I can share with others. I want my fruitful actions that I put into everything I do to result in a bountiful harvest of success and dreams fulfilled. With that being said, I also want to make sure that the time that I do spend in whatever I am doing is well spent and not being wasted along with valuable energy. I want my energy to be productive and my time to be well spent. That there may be purpose in everything I set out to do and that will help me to continue to move forward towards where I want to be.