Friday, May 6, 2016

It's okay to feel your grief

Good morning!  This week got blown wide open for me. I realized that I have been through a lot of loss in my life, and most of which I have not grieved.  It's funny sitting in this space  (yesterday I bawled my eyes out while driving at the loss of having a closer relationship with someone dear to me...I highly recommend against that...I could barely see...) when I watched my mom hold in her grief for years after her mom died....she said she wasn't ready. ...I guess I wasn't ready for all these years. But it is weighing on me like baggage now, so I am dropping bags and letting go. It's not that I am ready,  but I AM willing. Is every pessimist an optimist who has not grieved? Who knows. ..but I want the burden on my heart to be lighter, so I am going to allow grief it's full expression.  I feel I have the "space" right now to do it.

#thankyouGod #justbeheld #allowpeace #griefisokay #IAmSorryforyourLoss #itisLoveExpressed

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Hate mongering. ..the party of shadows

Good morning! Lately it's been a wonderful exposure of things tucked in shadowy spaces. So my "Spidey senses " have been triggered for conversations, and points made against others' anger, hatred, and rage spoken from a place of anger, disgust, hatred, and rage. I'm not toting that I am above reacting at some level...I'm sure I have a shadow hiding a defensive trigger somewhere. I'm sure it will be called out when its "buddy" strolls by on its way to a gathering of some sort. And I am grateful. ...that I have been put into MANY MANY situations where. ...somehow, people have felt very free to express themselves (including their hatreds) to me...and somehow I am the "exception ". I know I have many friends who go through the same...and our first response is sadness. That sadness holds within it a knowing...that there is a greater truth to known and embraced, just not fully seen. We know because we live and experience the other side of what is assumed. There are many spaces and places in ALL our lives like this. This is not a call for advocacy in anything ...maybe....just one. Consider Love a an umbrella or a life-giving and honouring...just pause and allow....the shadowy bits to come out into the light running and gathering as you stand firm and observe ...them relate and remind us that we are possibly put together of more than just the bits in the shadows.