Friday, June 18, 2010

What are you eating?

I have joined the Fit Yummy Mummy Summer transformation challenge and I am enjoying my first week of being a healthy and fit woman from the inside out.

As I was in my garden the other day, I was reflecting on the roots of the plants. They take in water and nutrients through the roots to grow the plant and if the balance of water and nutrients is off, it reflects in the health of the plant.

The same goes for us as well. Either emotionally or physically, if we do not provide supportive nutrients to our roots, then we will end up with unhealthy fruits. So I have decided to really provide proper nutrients on all levels and enough water to my body so that I can grow and be healthy.

Speaking of supportive nutrients, I took the Fit Yummy Mummys at ClubFYM though a tour of my kitchen and you are invited to check out what it is we are eating as a family. Feel free to leave comments and questions and look forward to checking out more of my summer transformation in posts to come.