Monday, January 10, 2011

Thanks to the snow storm.

It is the same work to blaze your own trail as it is to walk in the path of others.

Inspiration? Snow storm

I forgot that today is my son's snack day for his class. Where he provides the snack and on the list for today: fruit.

Yeah. We're a little low on fruit in the house. That was the thought I had yesterday when we I asked my hubby to stop at the grocery store so I coiuld pick up a pre-cooked chicken for lunch at house church. While I was there, I thought that I should grab some fruit, so I picked up a few bananas, the chicken and headed to the til. My thought was to make it quick. In hindsight, I realize that I should have taken my time to think about the rest of the week as it was at the edge of one of the biggest snow dumps all winter (so for) and I probably should prepare and think ahead.

Well, I headed out the door this morning at 7am and bolted to the grocery store, about a mile away. 13 city blocks if that helps. I followed in the tracks of the cars or trucks that had driven down the back alley, thinking it would make it easier than walking through knee-deep snow. I decided to do interval sprints from bus stop to bus stop. Considering I had to get back in time to walk my kids through this knee deep snow ( I may carry a shovel or a sled LOL) in less than an hours time, I had no time to waste. Not to mention preparing the fruit to be "snack" sized for Kindergarteners. I dashed through the snow, and went and went and made it there pretty quickly to my amazement. Walked in, got fruit and then stopped....Well I might as well think ahead this time and I grabbed extra to accommodate for next's months turn at providing snack. With a HEAVY bag of fruit on my back and a bag in each hand, I charted of on my journey home. I saw that there were people waiting for the bus and decided I would RUN to catch that bus. I hopped on and asked if I could get a ride up the road a bit and the bus driver was so kind to help me out. It saved me valuable time and I took the back alleys again as my route. Following the treads of the tires and slipping as I tried to fit along the path they had set, I looked to the middle of the 2 tracks and decided to walk the big pile of snow instead. It was EASIER! I could lift my foot, make my own steps and strides, not having to worry about fitting into the path that had been set by someone or something else.

I then thought about my own life....trying to accommodate my "steps" in the path or expectations of someone else instead of deciding what is best for ME and what I was really capable of doing. I would like to think that I act in a way that benefits others and why NOT head out confidently, setting my own steps down on a new path instead of following in the steps of others. What if my shoe size is different? What it there stride is too close or too wide for me to land in. What WORK that would be to FIT into the steps of another. I see the direction that others have gone and I know that the direction they are going in may be the direction I want to go as well, but even though we go in the same direction, I don't necessarily have to fit into their shoes. We all have our own shoes to fill.

Well, off to prepare snack for my son's class and enjoy the day, having started it with a huge accomplishment and new insight.