Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The fullness of breakfast

Thought I would share this morning's discussion and experience...

The kitchen was loaded with dirty dishes and the dishwasher was still full of clean dishes (which can happen if you don't spend your entire day standing in the kitchen ;) ). 

My son woke up, said good morning, and asked for food (as he usually does).  Well, he couldn't set up to make breakfast because there was no space.  So he got impatient and started to load the dirty dishes in with the clean.  I asked him to stop and come with me... we turned off the light and started the morning over...eyes closed, deep breathing, then opened our eyes, looked to the bluing sky and then came back into the kitchen.

We looked around the kitchen and saw what needed to get done...the clean dishes had to get put away first, so the dirty ones could get cleaned, so that the counter get cleared and cleaned, so that we could THEN make breakfast.  The whole time it was a struggle for him (as he was hungry and impatient), so I gave him a little something to eat, but he soon forgot he had eaten it...focusing on wanting breakfast instead of making it possible.  So we took another moment, after most of the dishes were in their places, to discuss being in the moment, wanting, and pride.  Because of his focus on the "future" food he was going to eat, he was getting frustrated in the "now" tasks he had to do in order to get breakfast made.  If focusing on the future makes your present experiences frustrating, you are in the process of creating a different future.  If you want the food of the future, be in the moment of preparing your meal, if you want to be at peace in the future, be peaceful now....if you want to be happy in the future, be happy, in the moment, now.  Stop, look around, and see what you can you can be grateful, and then do it.  Being that we were already in the process of receiving the food (the food was on the stove cooking), then we just needed to be patient, now, and continue to prepare a space for enjoying the food we were about to receive.  I used the analogy of a child wanting ice cream.....

ICE CREAM!! ICE CREAM!!! I WANT ice cream!!!  Clearly the child is focused on "wanting" the ice cream...over-eager, and excited, as the child gets their ice cream and brings it hastefully to their mouth, the ice cream falls to the ground....SUCCESS!!!  The child has succeeded in creating the "wanting" for ice cream.  Now if the child had used their manners (epiphany) and asked to have some ice cream (please), they would have been patient in waiting (with watchful anticipation) and then careful in receiving and grateful for having (thank you).  Not only did the child receive and EAT the ice cream, but they masterfully used the craft of artful receiving.

So we breathed deeply once again, got back into the moment and enjoyed every piece of it...from getting the plates, to setting the table...all of it was fun and then the meal, which was on its way, was received and enjoyed fully.  SUCCESS!! :)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Being Super on a Budget

It`s hard to wake up in the morning to a day of being super, when you don`t fill yourself with the foods that being super requires.  My boys love to fly through their imaginations (and our house and neighbourhood) on daily adventures of exploring the wilderness and finding treasures.  Our last treasure hunt was for the elusive golden raspberry bush.  And after a couple of hours walking and running through the neighbourhood we found the bush we were looking for....and to our surprise, we found not just the one, but another one even closer to where we live :)

Having adventures is fun, but so is enjoying the best of what your foods have to offer.  Choosing foods that are nutrient-dense over processed foods where companies are adding the "super" parts to your foods makes a big difference, in your body AND in your pocket book.

Here are a few of my budget-friendly superfoods that leave more change in my pocket and gives more nutrients to fuel my body (and not requiring a whole lot of food in order to feel fed and energized):

Spinach (can buy the bunch and wash at home, but the organic baby spinach packs are just as affordable)

Blueberries in season (I like to buy a few boxes in the summer just to freeze and have them handy over the winter, but you can buy the frozen organic blueberries at an affordable price and it goes a long way)

Goji berries (Loaded with anti-oxidants, vitamins, some protein too....I don`t know how to describe it, but I get such a boost from these little guys and I like them dried and mixed with sunflower and pumpkin seeds for a snack on the go.  I get them at the oriental grocers as it is cheaper, but some grocery stores and health foods stores carry them too...just at higher prices)

Flax Seeds (with a cheap coffee grinder, I grind my own seeds and sprinkle freshly ground flax seeds to add a high dose of fiber and omega-3s)

Chia Seeds (again a high fiber source, but also a source of protein, phosphorus, manganese, calcium, potassium...and healthy fats (i.e. ALA, omega-3...)).

Mung Beans (sprouted, these beans, are like a highly bio-available multi-vitamin with a complete protein and  have regenerative properties as well...look into`s HUGE!)

Cinnamon (I put this into almost everything (along with ginger))...

Broccoli, kale, brussel sprouts and cabbage (these cruciferous veggies add a wealth of nutrients to your body and a load of bulk to your belly.....helps to keep you full and super-charged)

Ginger ( I freeze a bunch chopped and add it to smoothies as well as keeping some fresh in the fridge.  This root is an immune and flavour booster and I don`t live without its multiple applications).

Garlic (another immune and flavour booster. Vital for many home remedies involving healing as well).

Onions (known for heart health and I cook with it all the time)

 Lemons (added to water each day and helps to keep my body`s pH in check....invaluable!)

Dandelion greens (I know, hard to believe (so I suggest you do a search for the benefits), but in my backyard for FREE! ;) )
and let me NOT forget one of my favourites.... COCONUTS! I use the water, the oil, the milk and the meat.  The oil is said to be anti-bacterial/fungal/microbial....great for the skin, supportive to the much look into it for yourselves.

In just this list alone, I get a wide spectrum of minerals, vitamins, enzymes, anti-oxidants, immmune boosters and it`s all tasty too!!  Also home remedies for a number of symptoms....these foods are indeed super!  And of course, in proper proportions, they provide a great foundation to a healthy and helpful diet...a little does a go a long way with these nutrient-dense foods!  As long as I keep these items stocked, I know that my nutritionally needs will be well met. 

This morning I am planning on fueling my super troopers with some superfoods....blueberry spinach "pancakes"!  


Serves 2 superheroes

4 eggs
1 cup chopped spinach
1/2 cup cooked quinoa
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon ginger
1/2 cup blueberries
a sprinkle of stevia (optional)
a pinch of baking soda (optional...makes it fluffy)

All ingredients (except the blueberries) go into a bowl and get mixed together.  Heat skillet to medium heat and then add a teaspoon of unrefined, virgin coconut oil to the pan.  Pour out a 1/4 of the mixture into the pan.  When the edges start getting fluffy with bubbles at some blueberries to the top.  Flip and cook the top side, repeating for the remaining pancakes.  (Can also add ground chia seeds and flax seeds to the mix, but I prefer those in their raw form)

P.S. I also forgot to mention quinoa, and a few others, but you get the idea...go for foods that pack a nutritional PUNCH into your diet :)