Monday, April 19, 2010

Earth day 2010...What can I do?

How personally do we connect ourselves to the planet that we live on? We share this unique and wonderful space with billions upon billions of other creatures that get the special opportunity to live out their lives, tasks, and purposes in an allotted amount of time. Do we see ourselves as a part of this timely journey shared by others or is our focus less on the big scale of it all and more on our individual lives?

Over the last week or two, my family and I shared in a number of fun symptoms of being sick or ill to some degree and all for different reasons. One had to miss some school and another had to go to the hospital and get checked out. Now of course, when I am sick, my first thought is not about how the virus that has entered my body is just living out its timely purpose to the best of its ability. I may get upset about being sick and experiencing the effects of infection. Or I could focus on how my body is using my immune system to protect my body and what things can I do to help my body win its battle. What can I do? I can eat healthy foods, stay away from foods that don't help I could get plenty of rest and water....there are a lot of ways I can respond to being ill, but I know that my main goal is not to be, so why not make the impact of it less or at least short.

The same goes for us. Not to say that humans are infectious, but we do have quite an influence on the environment around us....physical, emotional, spiritual...we play a significant role in the way we experience life. We also play a role in how others experience life as well. We are not insignificant in whatever situation we are in, but are a part of the journey of life that we all get an amount of time to live out. What can I do to make the most of the time of I have? What can I do to make sure my impact on the environment around me (and my life) is a positive and beneficial one?