Friday, January 27, 2017

Just get ticked off! The infamous "List"

Yeah I did it! After a year of thinking about it…and letting it hang over my head for about that long….I finally got so TOTALLY ticked off! I feel so free now! 
What am I talking about? I am referring to something I can't stand! It is NOT my favourite do....I by no means feel the thrill of the "infamous" TO DO LIST! That's right! I have some emotional baggage that needs to get cleared from the process of doing "the list". Just major ughness sometimes...almost to a point that my refusal to do it makes me upset HAHA....not one of my best "relationships" going. It's not that I am such a free flowing spirit that everything must come with synchrinocity and divine timing. I actually don't mind....okay, nope....not today...still have anxiety around the list...I admit...even with putting down a wish list...just nah...not right now BUT...I am hyped about getting that THING of my back...what thing?

Getting  some serious details of our business in order. Yup! I put that bugger on a “to do” list almost a year ago and it had been haunting me ever since.  Honestly, and every time I passed by it, I would feel so weighted down with guilt…and almost shame…that one day I decided to really ask myself why….why is this not really done yet? And I realized that I HAD been taking steps towards getting it done…they just didn’t turn out the way that I had hoped they would LOL. A lot kept falling through on it…calls not returned, etc. ….and I resolved to not get myself down and worked up about it, but to continue to make those steps forward. Now of course, I didn’t do it as perfectly as I would have liked, but I can see now how I would do things differently here and there….but I kept at it! ... and now, as it is in the home stretch of completion, I am SO excited to be free of that item hanging over my head. And from that point I will tell you, there has been nothing but momentum …every task that comes up…isn’t even making TO the list stage…It’s just getting “ticked” off as it comes up…

Now, not all things can be done in that way….but this week has been just lit with flow and having things happen. Partly because they are opportunities of the time sensitive nature…but also, the level to which these things sit only at the “edge” of our comfort zone, but still trigger excitement….that’s the sweet spot and for us, that where the magic of “done” happens.

So yeah, I’m totally ticked off today and I am going to get even MORE "ticked" off with all that needs to get done…just watch. This will be on fire by the end of today…so excited for whatever else comes forward in this flow…just loving it

Monday, January 23, 2017

Inspired into action...change has come in 2017

There have been few …that have come to bring change and succeed on a global scale. All of which have had their lives threatened and people wishing them dead because they challenged the way things were ordered and established in traditions for ages.

Over the course of the last year there have been many reasons to become offended, become defensive, or to be forced to think. The USA presidential campaign brought out the hearts of people on a global scale and called into movement a change that will never be reversed. The campaign of the now current President of the USA is that exact catalyst. Many were pulled out of their slumber as though the sheets were ripped off of them in the middle of the night and they were dragged onto the front lawn in their skibbies. It was raw, it was exposing, it changed many people, almost to the point of obsession. Many are still mad…their every comment and discussion filled with the flavour and seasoning of their fuming rage from within.

Oddly enough, that slumber has been going on long enough….they were in beds as corpses…malnourished and asleep to the reality that the house they were dragged out of was the comfort of their covers and a house that has gone ablaze.

It was time for change…not time to hit the snooze button and have others continue to raid your house while you stayed unconscious to their actions and the ongoing deception of humanity.

So how do you feel now? Enraged? Enlivened? Ready to take up arms? Try and prove someone wrong? To take back what is yours? To threaten? To want someone dead? To want a mass of failure on "him" and his family for generations? To cut "him" off at the knees the way it feels that you imagined that he would do to you? 

You see, even though….now you have been “inspired” to take up the fight and stand up for “others”, we are not officially there yet….it’s still about how "you" got triggered and offended by things that someone said…..far beyond them actually having the “power” to do those things, you imagined that power and that privilege being taken away, abused, and manipulated by someone else. YOU created the future of seething hatred and it only exists in the minds of the offended….and now the "inspired".

So how will you manage having seeds of your very own character thrown in your face? Will you throw them back and hope your arm is stronger than what hit you? Or will you take a moment and see yourself…frothing at the mouth and pumping your chest..will you come face to face where those offenses you felt have actually been subtly given to those around you from your very own actions and words…Will you see the dark and shadowy pieces of your own character and then choose to be moved to make those changes from a heart that is GENUINELY grounded in love and knowing that it is time for you to wake and make change happen in 2017. 

We now have so many willing (and pajama wearing) collaborators that want this change with a passion. Working together has never been inspired on this planet through a collaborative dislike for one person like this before. Many make the reference to Adolph , but Adolph was well loved by many…and it was through that long standing love that he manipulated the masses. As for Donald, he has not inspired people through love as much as he has triggered people into action through hitting the "right" buttons...Some were of becoming offended and defensive. For others, he triggered hope and vision...he didn't bring anyone in close, but he challenged us ALL to think. To think about our use our imagination, either for the better or for the worse. 

But recognize, that for many, "you" had to be triggered to hate (or STRONGLY dislike to a point where you continue to attack the offender….) to be moved into action. Burning house indeed. Let us recognize first ourselves in the mirror as you come out of your slumberous grogginess…accept with full ownership your thoughts and actions….grab a brew and let’s begin to move our futures in a beautiful direction, beyond our imaginations and definitely beyond our manipulated dreams.

Monday, January 2, 2017

I remember! Thoughts on the Mandela effect...

Have you heard of this? The rising phenom about aspects of our past reality that in our current "reality" are no longer the same...AND tha people remember it being different EVEN THOUGH, it is almost near impossible to find evidence that it ever existed....

Have you heard of it? It's referred to as the Mandela Effect.  Now I don't know about you or what you remember from your past or even your childhood....or if you still have anything in hard evidence to prove you even had a childhood here on the country you live in....with the people you thought you knew....I personally have many conversations with others...reminiscing about our past ventures... I am grateful for my circle of friends who remember what I remember experiencing in a similar way.  HOWEVER, this is not the experience of everyone...sometimes, there are those who remember the exact same circumstance, but completely different. Most of the time we just blow it off, but sometimes, it is more of us remembering it one way and this one person having a completely different recollection. For now, we will refer to it as perspective. And many times the details get lost because of differing perspectives....fair enough.

But recently, I have been faced with the "reality" that, in those shared circumstances, there are some that are experiencing a whole lot more than a simple observation, or their perspective has brought them to a complete different experience and sometimes that experience is riddled with trauma. That trauma can lead to an experience in the personality that leads to mental health issues... PTSD, and sometimes existing Mental health issues such as Bi Polar Illness can give reality a different twist than the others experiencing it with them.  So, in light of honouring the individual perspective, I thought that I would share a pondering on Facebook about how I would use (or not use) the Mandela effect in my life ...

"With thoughts in regards to the Mandela effect.... How would you choose to "edit" things from your past? I do it on my Facebook page all the time...I "Mandela effect" it ALL the time....edit spelling...add hashtags...delete posts...but from my life....nope. The threads of connections that have stemmed from even the slightest experience, has helped to make my experience in this very moment exist. Full on contentment...yup! I said it! I am content with every moment that allowed me to experience the fullness of joy and gratitude and knowledge and love in this very moment. (all "corrections" included). Could that be a part of the whole thing? That when we come to the part of embracing it ALL with gratitude (maybe because we are still around to have that experience of being grateful for something...) that the things that we looked less favourably on begin to be transformed...transmuted...that they no longer get to have that "hindering", gripping, and annoying etch in our lives as they did at some point and they become "edited" in our experience? perhaps...all just ponderings that may or may not be applied. There is a bigger picture that has already been drawn and is being painted at the same time...
OOOOoooo....that reminds me....back to "work". ;)
#inallthings #experiencing #divinevision #inGratitude "

p.s. after a conversation on the Mandela effect, also the possibility of time travel disturbances was mentioned....hmmmmmm....