Friday, November 16, 2012

Down with the Twinkie!

Some of my favourite memories (ahhh I ♥ NY) were connected with this wonderful treat. I remember our family trip to New York in the spring of '81, running off of walls and doing flips at my cousins house as we shared our love for break dancing and GI Joe, my dad buying the latest Grace Jones album (Nightclubbing), and my family stocking up on Twinkies to bring back home. They lasted for YEARS! LOL and we still ate 'em! The thought alone makes me want to detox HA!

But now the 80+ year old treat had its creamy filling squished out for the last time. Down with the Twinkies and all the other Hostess goodies that were being made. The company is closing plants due to a strike and filing bankruptcy. At least you know if you save a stash it will keep for years and years and and years....Although another manufacturer may by the brand and resurrect this sponge cake from the depths....who knows!

I guess that is also another way to shut down the production of GMO and unsupportive foods on the market....hmmmm. (ghost of prop 37?) #health on the rise



Brightness you are

Shining stars in the universe
Release contractions
Take off the veils
Through off everything that
hinders and entangles,
trappings and snares
Breath of God is inspiration 
You are sight in the lives around you.
Open your rays to be shared
Through you Infinite brilliance 
wants for expression.
In the darkest of places
we can reach
not just because we go there
or because we can
but as a candle can 
flickers its dance on the walls
and causes the shadows
to move and sway
So you can bring light 
into corners
that miss the light of day.

I am poem

I am poem

constant the question
words and their origins
artful expression
loving in wonder
crying in transitions
beating out the answer
one syllable at a time
Looking to plug in
snapshots and glimpses of
my beautiful vision
stand in the ready with
beautiful conversation
serving the masses
through my      unique-to-me glasses
sharing the view
what is the answer
our life in creation
dancing out to a rhythm
steps with the Spirit
moments of connection
with jewels of non-compensation
of what God gives me to see

Monday, November 5, 2012

Share what flows...

Years ago...(once upon a time...)

I wrote poetry.  Not just some, LOTS!  I started in Grade 7 and from there I continued into University courses (and I really enjoyed these WRITE courses!)  I did share some of these poems wiith my friends, even as spoken word, but alas, I packed them up and set them aside for many, many years...

Recently, as I continue to downsize from the "stash" I have been carrying around to sort through....mementos, notes, pictures, etc., I finally sorted out all my written work into this bulky folder and am now going through these poems and deciding what to share now.  And THAT is what I have been struggling with...

At the time I wrote these I should have shared it.  It would have flowed out to inspire many in the world and uplift those who could connect and relate.  However, now I am living under another many turns away from some of these "expressions" I have written.  I am hoping a friend with not only perspective into what I have read, but also into who I am now will help me to share and edit through these works.

So I recommend, if you have an expression or gift NOW, it is good for you to share your expression if you feel it inspires you, as it will inspire others. 

I have received feedback on almost ALL my works, so I know how it was received then, which is good.  So over the next bit, I will share a select few that resonate with me now (and perhaps a few that don't :) )

Monday, September 3, 2012

We are the answer....we are a question

Have you ever thought about your "why"?  Why were you born?  Why have you had the experiences in life that you have had?  Why your family?  Why your likes and dislikes?  Many questions about who and why and what we are...

I have.

I asked.  'Why was I born?'  'Why didn't I fit in?'  Why did I understand the things I did?  Why do people not think the way that I do?  Why do I have allergies?  Why do I ask the questions I do?  Why did I choose Jesus as my imaginary friend when my parents didn't talk about him?  Why am I so different?  Why do I have the insights that I do?  Why was I so blessed with the beautiful children that I have?  Why am I married? Why my health challenges?......

....And you know what?  Almost all of these questions have been answered to some degree.  Amazing right??  You see, I have ALWAYS asked why, and how, and what, and when....I was always in question....and when an answer was received, it created another question for me...and I was blessed with parents who would for the most part give me some sort of answer or tell me to go look up the answer....they got me a set of encyclopedias the year I was born.  Very insightful of them since by the age of 3 I was reading novels.  I love who my parents are and even though the experiences at time were not the best, they did honour their desire to do better for their kids than the generation before them...and I am doing the same for my children.

But back to the question.  What goes unanswered remains with the potential of endless responses...vast and limitless...The unknown is an unanswered question.  So life is like an unanswered question...full of limitless possibilities.....which means each of us, with each moment ahead of us as unknown and filled with unnumbered possibilities are also like questions.  These questions that we voice in thoughts or through our mouths and even through our actions (the "what-if"s and "why"s) float about the universe, vast and apparently limitless...every question that you have asked, including all the questions that were asked for thousands and thousands of years before our time.  Most of the answers to our questions are floating around in the universe as well.  Some of the answers dating back to tens of thousands of years, maybe even millions (the possibilities are unknown and endless) :).  But what if...just what if you were also created as the answer to a question?  What if your experiences, your desires, your way of thinking and putting things together was all put into a package called "YOU" and at just the right time, you will either choose to become passionately motivated to share your burning answer or you will mistake the passion for fear and die with the answer inside of you.

Well, I am an answer.  I have stood out as a sore thumb for my whole life...or as far back as I can remember.  Set apart....and today I woke up with an image in my head matching an image I had thought about years ago out of an error I had made...a cycle of correction.  So let me break this down a little...

....Have you ever made a meal in the kitchen that didn't taste quite right?  The desire was to get the people fed with this meal and NOT to waste the food and ingredients used in the process.  So you add this spice and that spice...went off the beaten path of the prescribed recipe and VOILA!...It is fixed, tastes edible, and the meal is enjoyed.

But what if that fix was done in something else?  What if the error made was seen as just a little OOPS in the desired goal and just needed a little fix?...and that fix just needed a little fix to make the first fix and the second fix work, and so and so on...what if the error in the first experiment was run through a "pretend cycle"?...hypothesis of the potential amplification of the percentage of error or the exponential and compounding effect it would have on the whole?....but who ever knows what errors come until they come, right?  Now lets jump ahead from my adolescence and to lab work and questions in University.  Well, in science there are many processes such as this....and I took Biological Sciences while I was in university...with my main focus in genetics (or the bulk of my course load).  And realized that there are many possibilities along with many errors that can occur when we "tinker" with what already exist.  One of the main examples was wheat and increases the yield of this one species in order to meet the "demands" of the uses of this one grain within society.  They crossed different species of grain to achieve a species with higher yield and VOILA!, they achieve a new, "viable" (...meaning produces seeds that grows to produce the same result as the parent), species that produced this higher yield and the farming industry and the ideals of Darwinism with mutation became a playing ground for new foods.  But my constant thought and question from when I was young was "what happens when you mess with one piece of the puzzle?  The picture changes. (I loved doing puzzles when I was a child)  In what way did this promotion of this one species bring about a change in the picture that already existed?  Why didn't they just turn to other foods and grains, especially ones with higher yield, and shorter growing time frames?  In other words, what will this ONE MAJOR CHANGE produce as a consequence?

WELL, skip forward from my questions from then and to my thoughts now....I have been diagnosed with....peanut allergy (progressive...the more I am exposed, the worse it gets), phthalate and chemical sensitivities, hyper-sensitivity to chlorine and fragrance, unable to digest pork, and gluten intolerance (which my children inherited as well).  And the question I am asked is..."why am I so different?"..."Why does this affect you and no one else?"..."Are you just making this up?"...."Is this all in your head?"...Well, I had danced around with those same questions as a jester dances for a king....and it did not change the actual affect or the severity of the seriousness I would experience...I woke up one day paralyzed.  I couldn't move!  I screamed for my mom and I was brought to the hospital and given morphine, and diagnosed with a hyper-sensitivity to fragrance.  I was given morphine as take home medication due to high pain tolerance and ineffectiveness of anything "lighter" in dosage....One day in gym class my skin felt on fire and I couldn't sweat out of my pores, only to find out that from my daily routine of being on a swim team, I was now hyper-sensitive to chlorine.  What did I learn about chlorine?  That it is a corrosive...and when it is exposed to oxygen it creates a messy reaction.  From that point forward, one by one (thank God) each of these "conditions" and sensitivities reared their heads in my life....WHY??

....jump forward to today.  I have been haunted by the image men covered head to toe in radioactive contaminant suits in a farmers field blocked off with biohazard signs around it's perimeters spraying the fields with what I would assume to be herbicides and pesticides.  IF these suits are required to be around the food that we grow, what does that say about the food that we eat?  WHAT error has been created and over-corrected to get to the point that we are at today?  After watching a video called "The Toxic Baby", a TED women presentation about the effect of the chemicals used on our foods and how it is leading to mass extinction and defects within our generations as humans, I realized that my sensitivities were not a curse, but a blessing.  And my understanding and passion are not just unique, but were designed to be a specific answer to a question that was asked at some point in our human existence AND that time has come for ME to bring that answer out...I do know that this overwhelming, gripping feeling is passion and not fear, and I MUST SPEAK OUT THE ANSWER.  The very sequence that I have observed and the questions that I still hold about the future and the direction/intention of those that have created this cycle that has become obviously destructive, must be stopped and reversed.  If the over-promotion of one species lead to the idea of creating GMOs, then it is time to switch the promotion of one to the sustaining of many....No more GMOs, specific fertilizers to support weak, non-thriving, and weakly-viable-in-the-natural-world foods.  No more herbicides/pesticides to keep these weak plants from being ravished and pristine for the customer.  No more irradiation, pasteurization, chemical washes, synthetic "food grade" waxes and preservatives to keep these foods on the shelves for longer so that more can be bought/consumed....keeping the cycle going and going and....then what?  No more herbicides/pesticides/toxins that create abnormal growth causing disease/cancer that are reversed by more chemicals created by the same people that funded the research....the same people that created the chemical/virus that caused the disease in the first place.  No more extinction of species that would have filled the gap that was filled by weak and under-nourishing GMOs....AND YES to sustaining and promoting what still exists on this planet....using the resources that do produce a bounty without being chemically supported.....encouraging healthy humans without defect/disease, and even rebuilding the health in all systems instead of trying to fix an error in the recipe that did not have a viable end.

But what about you?  What is inside of you that must get out?  What question were you created to answer?  Maybe even just one sentence out of you speaking up that will be quoted for a lifetime, inspiring many....

...Know that fear and overjoy produce a similar response in the body and both (in my opinion) should be met with courage....but many chose to become frozen and crippled by fear....myself included.  But if I still experience opposition and grief within my fearful state, I might as well speak out and receive opposition and grief, but possibly help many people along the way....maybe even encourage change in one person's life....or even in the RIGHT person's life that will help to change the world.  So I am putting this out there to possibly inspire, to share from what I have observed, and hopefully, move forward in a hopeful future for others and in the lives of my very children.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The fullness of breakfast

Thought I would share this morning's discussion and experience...

The kitchen was loaded with dirty dishes and the dishwasher was still full of clean dishes (which can happen if you don't spend your entire day standing in the kitchen ;) ). 

My son woke up, said good morning, and asked for food (as he usually does).  Well, he couldn't set up to make breakfast because there was no space.  So he got impatient and started to load the dirty dishes in with the clean.  I asked him to stop and come with me... we turned off the light and started the morning over...eyes closed, deep breathing, then opened our eyes, looked to the bluing sky and then came back into the kitchen.

We looked around the kitchen and saw what needed to get done...the clean dishes had to get put away first, so the dirty ones could get cleaned, so that the counter get cleared and cleaned, so that we could THEN make breakfast.  The whole time it was a struggle for him (as he was hungry and impatient), so I gave him a little something to eat, but he soon forgot he had eaten it...focusing on wanting breakfast instead of making it possible.  So we took another moment, after most of the dishes were in their places, to discuss being in the moment, wanting, and pride.  Because of his focus on the "future" food he was going to eat, he was getting frustrated in the "now" tasks he had to do in order to get breakfast made.  If focusing on the future makes your present experiences frustrating, you are in the process of creating a different future.  If you want the food of the future, be in the moment of preparing your meal, if you want to be at peace in the future, be peaceful now....if you want to be happy in the future, be happy, in the moment, now.  Stop, look around, and see what you can you can be grateful, and then do it.  Being that we were already in the process of receiving the food (the food was on the stove cooking), then we just needed to be patient, now, and continue to prepare a space for enjoying the food we were about to receive.  I used the analogy of a child wanting ice cream.....

ICE CREAM!! ICE CREAM!!! I WANT ice cream!!!  Clearly the child is focused on "wanting" the ice cream...over-eager, and excited, as the child gets their ice cream and brings it hastefully to their mouth, the ice cream falls to the ground....SUCCESS!!!  The child has succeeded in creating the "wanting" for ice cream.  Now if the child had used their manners (epiphany) and asked to have some ice cream (please), they would have been patient in waiting (with watchful anticipation) and then careful in receiving and grateful for having (thank you).  Not only did the child receive and EAT the ice cream, but they masterfully used the craft of artful receiving.

So we breathed deeply once again, got back into the moment and enjoyed every piece of it...from getting the plates, to setting the table...all of it was fun and then the meal, which was on its way, was received and enjoyed fully.  SUCCESS!! :)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Being Super on a Budget

It`s hard to wake up in the morning to a day of being super, when you don`t fill yourself with the foods that being super requires.  My boys love to fly through their imaginations (and our house and neighbourhood) on daily adventures of exploring the wilderness and finding treasures.  Our last treasure hunt was for the elusive golden raspberry bush.  And after a couple of hours walking and running through the neighbourhood we found the bush we were looking for....and to our surprise, we found not just the one, but another one even closer to where we live :)

Having adventures is fun, but so is enjoying the best of what your foods have to offer.  Choosing foods that are nutrient-dense over processed foods where companies are adding the "super" parts to your foods makes a big difference, in your body AND in your pocket book.

Here are a few of my budget-friendly superfoods that leave more change in my pocket and gives more nutrients to fuel my body (and not requiring a whole lot of food in order to feel fed and energized):

Spinach (can buy the bunch and wash at home, but the organic baby spinach packs are just as affordable)

Blueberries in season (I like to buy a few boxes in the summer just to freeze and have them handy over the winter, but you can buy the frozen organic blueberries at an affordable price and it goes a long way)

Goji berries (Loaded with anti-oxidants, vitamins, some protein too....I don`t know how to describe it, but I get such a boost from these little guys and I like them dried and mixed with sunflower and pumpkin seeds for a snack on the go.  I get them at the oriental grocers as it is cheaper, but some grocery stores and health foods stores carry them too...just at higher prices)

Flax Seeds (with a cheap coffee grinder, I grind my own seeds and sprinkle freshly ground flax seeds to add a high dose of fiber and omega-3s)

Chia Seeds (again a high fiber source, but also a source of protein, phosphorus, manganese, calcium, potassium...and healthy fats (i.e. ALA, omega-3...)).

Mung Beans (sprouted, these beans, are like a highly bio-available multi-vitamin with a complete protein and  have regenerative properties as well...look into`s HUGE!)

Cinnamon (I put this into almost everything (along with ginger))...

Broccoli, kale, brussel sprouts and cabbage (these cruciferous veggies add a wealth of nutrients to your body and a load of bulk to your belly.....helps to keep you full and super-charged)

Ginger ( I freeze a bunch chopped and add it to smoothies as well as keeping some fresh in the fridge.  This root is an immune and flavour booster and I don`t live without its multiple applications).

Garlic (another immune and flavour booster. Vital for many home remedies involving healing as well).

Onions (known for heart health and I cook with it all the time)

 Lemons (added to water each day and helps to keep my body`s pH in check....invaluable!)

Dandelion greens (I know, hard to believe (so I suggest you do a search for the benefits), but in my backyard for FREE! ;) )
and let me NOT forget one of my favourites.... COCONUTS! I use the water, the oil, the milk and the meat.  The oil is said to be anti-bacterial/fungal/microbial....great for the skin, supportive to the much look into it for yourselves.

In just this list alone, I get a wide spectrum of minerals, vitamins, enzymes, anti-oxidants, immmune boosters and it`s all tasty too!!  Also home remedies for a number of symptoms....these foods are indeed super!  And of course, in proper proportions, they provide a great foundation to a healthy and helpful diet...a little does a go a long way with these nutrient-dense foods!  As long as I keep these items stocked, I know that my nutritionally needs will be well met. 

This morning I am planning on fueling my super troopers with some superfoods....blueberry spinach "pancakes"!  


Serves 2 superheroes

4 eggs
1 cup chopped spinach
1/2 cup cooked quinoa
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon ginger
1/2 cup blueberries
a sprinkle of stevia (optional)
a pinch of baking soda (optional...makes it fluffy)

All ingredients (except the blueberries) go into a bowl and get mixed together.  Heat skillet to medium heat and then add a teaspoon of unrefined, virgin coconut oil to the pan.  Pour out a 1/4 of the mixture into the pan.  When the edges start getting fluffy with bubbles at some blueberries to the top.  Flip and cook the top side, repeating for the remaining pancakes.  (Can also add ground chia seeds and flax seeds to the mix, but I prefer those in their raw form)

P.S. I also forgot to mention quinoa, and a few others, but you get the idea...go for foods that pack a nutritional PUNCH into your diet :)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

In the midst of global change....of heart

Recession and economic hardship are the catch phrases of today. Many things are being marketed towards the fact that there is less money flowing in the economy and people are being advised towards making smarter purchases. There is so much to gain from returning to a simpler way of living and I think the days of "living large" are being replaced with "living wise". The times of being thoughtful in your actions even among all today's modern conveniences (more on that later) is coming. Making decisions towards not only spending less, but towards living less toxic and with more of a focus on our impact on the environment and others. We get to have more heart in the things that we do.

Doing things from the heart will yield more productivity and more benefits, not only for yourself, but for those that are around you. We are the examples and lessons that others learn from, either positive or negative. There will be more to learn in the practice of good habits. Budgeting, meal planning, buying nutrient-rich foods instead of junk food, recycling and composting, reusable instead of disposable items, being creative and making the most of what resources are available to you. It's a call to maturity....reclaiming common sense and thought, and practicing habits of the successful.

I believe that the need for maturity in today's society has come to fruition. Money is not everything and has proven to be a tool in how we live instead of what we are living for. Let's put all our tools (and talents) to good use and make the most of the lives we are living.

A new day and you within it

This morning as I was thinking, sharing, and praying, the thought of being in a new day come over me.  Before I went to bed I pondered on the fact that each day that I say "I love you" to my husband, it is actually the only time, that day, that he will be that version of my husband and I would bid him adieu as I fall asleep.  As the next day dawns, he would be a new version of my husband, and I, of course, would be a new version of me.  Physically, spiritually, emotionally, intellectually....all made new in a new day. 

The verse that says that we are to die to ourselves, made me think...As I go to sleep, the "Me' that I was yesterday died, and as I woke up today, I am a new "Me".  If I chose to die to myself each day, then each day I am made new...a new creation born each day.  And if I hold on to thoughts of regret and guilt, it's as if I am mourning the dead, day in and day out, without remembering the good moments that they lived or contributed and shared. (And personally, I chose to celebrate the good in the lives of those that have touched the lives of others....including the version of "me" from long ago).

And also, if you do not chose for yourself what it is that you will die to each day, then you will also be made new, in the choice of you not making the choice for "yourself".

In other words, we are made new each day period.  And whether or not you think you are making choices, you ARE always making a choice.  You can say it either choose for yourself or you are choosing for someone or something else to make that choice for you.  So not only, in every moment are you presented with a choice to make, you are a "grand Decider" in your life.  God has given us this gift of choosing and it is for us to choose to fully receive or to think we are delegating to someone/something else.

So God has blessed me with another day....another breath in a day of will I choose to live and love within this new me, in a day made new that I have received?

....the version of me and thoughts I experience today will also birth to a new "me" and new deeper and more connected thoughts tomorrow.  (Thank God for growing deeper and closer in my relationship with you.)
....What is it that is to die (or be denied) in me today in order for me to be made new in the version I would choose to be tomorrow?

Scriptures for ponder...

Luke 9:23,24 ~Then he said to them all: “If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me. For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me will save it .

John 12:24 ~ I tell you the truth, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds.

Romans 8:13 ~ For if you live according to the sinful nature, you will die; but if by the Spirit you put to death the misdeeds of the body, you will live,...

Quote for reflection ~

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.” ~ Albert Pine

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Digging out the big roots

Shovel? Check. Somewhere to dig? Check. Good planting soil? Add to my list. Seeds to plant? Add to my list.

Well, I got started anyhow. I found a spot to dig in our backyard to turn our kitchen scraps into compost and I started to dig. On Earth day, first thing in the morning before my hubby was out of bed I set out. I found some big roots as I was digging that confirmed that there once was an established tree near by (and the big circular "dent" in the grass also gave a clue), but I broke up the roots and continued to dig. I love gardening and although I may not be a professional botanist or agricultural guru, but it brings me great peace and reflection.

As I reflect on the big roots that I had been digging out, I was thinking how we can sometimes have big roots grow in our lives and hearts. Some roots can come from habits or behaviours we want to change. We grew that tree, it bore its own fruit, we didn't like the fruit it produced in our lives, so we cut it down. But the roots are still there. We need to dig out the old roots so we can plant a new tree. We need to replace the habits we want to change with new habits....habits that we wish to keep.

Friday, April 6, 2012

What am I taking on?

As Jesus took on the sins of the world as he hung on the the sins of the world were drawn to him like water to a sponge, he grew further and further away from God.....Imagine in all of a few hours that his greatest comfort grew into a dim faint star that flickered in the distance....The light that made everything clear and brought peace and understanding pulled away as the darkness he assumed came upon him.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Reflections of Wall-E: Part 2 Convenience and thought

Is the convenience of modern devices and luxuries taking away our ability to think?

I am a thinker. I ponder and reflect on many things. I encourage the same from those who I interact with. My husband, my children, my family all are given the opportunity to think. It does take time to think things through, but in the end it can save a lot of time as well. As I have experienced for the bulk of my life, many people have said I think too much. This may have been true. As I look at my life now I see that I gave most things the due thought required and I enjoyed the experiences that I had, having little regret. In the moments I do regret, I feel I put in less thought than I should of.....not being in the moment and letting other "devices" make the decision for me. I thought it would be easy, but the moment was as I thought it would be and the memory lacks the defined edges that I have with other moments in my life.

So what if you gave yourself more time to think?  What if you thought about the choices you were making?  What if, instead of someone providing you with the convenience of not having to think about this thing or that, that you gave thought to the process they are trying to save you from?

See, the point I made above, which may have been missed, is in those moments were I chose not to think for myself and allowed something or someone else to decide, the memory of the moment is more  undefined....the part that I do remember clearly is the consequence I experienced after.

But in the movie, Wall-E, those people went generations without deciding on some key fundamentals for themselves.  They got lulled into the ideal of convenience and "luxury" and paid for it with a disconnect from their bodies and minds, individual thought, and even from enjoying things that humans do so well, like walk, run, dance...the sacrifice of our own thoughts being translated into form and action is one gift we have all been given on an individual basis.  Let's not give up our creative gift for the sake of convenience.  Let's enjoy using our minds, think through the process, and create healthy, sustainable, and enjoyable lives.