Friday, April 22, 2016

Happy Earth Day

Today I celebrate growing a garden and being in the wonderful community we live in. So much has grown in the last 7 years. Not just our perennials that need splitting, but also our relationships with our neighbours and ourselves. It is and will be a beautiful day indeed.
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Good morning! I'm up and waiting for the sun to rise :) It's Earth Day! Hubby will be out hiking in nature and I will be tackling the garden in some way. 💖 And over 10 years of gardening on this day, no matter what the weather  (although I  only remember one year where it felt cold, but I  still was out weeding and clearing up the flower beds). It's also the official day we became neighbours and "family" in this community we live in. Many welcoming, happy, and curious people came to meet us and claim us as their own haha. Now, that I know most of who they are, I  realize that they came from many blocks over to say hi...and continue to do so many years later. This has inspired my heart of connection and breaking down even that barrier of understanding into fostering family in communities.  This year I am focused on sharing not only the wealth of the garden with our community (it's not just mine, I  have just enjoyed being a good steward of what grows here), as many of the perennials have grown abundantly, but also sharing in the wealth of hearts that grow here abundantly as well. Take a look around and see how you can receiving and taking care of a healthy, happy environment,  and planet. It starts with us 💖

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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Poem - Emotional Denial Complex

Studying out the physiological reactions to external stimuli.
 Due to long term, numerous, and precise studies in the matter,
Many have theorized the logical pathway of the human condition
That causes one to change the structuring of expression
On their faces and alter their heart rates and biochemical interactions
Essentially taking and destroying the "being" of emotion into disconnected,  bit-sized chunks,
 For further analysis at a later date.
How can we duplicate these expressions,
and series of logical pathways
To simulate the "human experience " in AI form.
To imitate intent, to modulate moments, and simulate connection.
Someone's desire for perfection has cut humble, and you, and man
Out of the equation.
How has our "quest" and "thirst" for knowledge
Cut out the experience of thirst....desire of quest
How has science become a science of eliminating,  and leaving
Brokens chunks of flesh and skeletal composition
To roam ....seaking for touch
Groping... for see
Through uncertainty,
Putting back together ...ourselves
From an intelligence of what we really are?
Coded, programmed, theorized with intent
Before our and for what purpose?

That we might, choose to feel...
Choosee to see...that we are...
For Delight!
For playing and building with legos
and mastering emotions and egos kinda joy.
For infinite imagining, connecting, through coy drama, struggle,
Through tears and muddled up moments...
Through seasons,  and flowers, and grass, and snow angels,
 Through kindness, kisses, and hugs, and...
Through compassion, appreciation,  and love.
Through awe, and gasp, and wonder
Through shock, surprise, and terror
Threads of life and living
 Are weaving....overlapping,  entangling ...connecting. ..
Bringing back together the floating chunks
With clunk and clammer
Through manna and matter. ..
As skin One.
 Leaving no part out as error,
 but as amplifier
Purposed and Perfect Reminder
Of the Unity within our humanity.


Finding yourself at a Garage sale

Good morning! We had a great garage sale yesterday. Made great connections, had great conversations, encouragement for many hearts...It's beautiful to see how people get excited about such a vulnerable thing as a garage sale. There is a piece of your story that people feel they are witnessing. matter the intent to haggle for a deal, they can't take the value out of what they are receiving.  One lady bought shoes for a steal and it was more important for me for her to go and share about receiving the shoes for a deal then getting a good price for them. Even gave her boyfriend an opportunity for bragging rights 😁😁

But the main highlight....was from the free spiritual and Christian books that we gave away.There were a few times that I went through this batch of books that were gifted to us... over the years... and all these books that were noticed and found by others...that I didn't realize we had...crazy! Ones that were recommended to us to read had found its way under our roof somehow LOL. So I  went for a dig through the collection....and was drawn to a coverless book with small print on the spine. I flipped it open to a random page and read...and laughed out loud seeing the theme of my last week continue to dance out on the page. AMAZING! Expanded awesomeness! I know I am meant to share something pretty huge....a GOOD news. And continue to share it from the insight and guidance I feel I am receiving.  Strangers giving you hugs for sharing from your deepest joy? It's no a hope beyond understanding that you continue to shake your head in amazement...just lovingly awesome!  Compelled with compassion  that there is no limit or restrictions to its flow? Wonder-full!

 So yeah, we had a garage sale, cleared out a bunch of stuff, made some money, and we had good, sunny weather to enjoy as well...the kids sold some baked goods.  Ate banana bread and cookies all day LOL. It was a truly, and fully blessed day.