Friday, November 16, 2012

Down with the Twinkie!

Some of my favourite memories (ahhh I ♥ NY) were connected with this wonderful treat. I remember our family trip to New York in the spring of '81, running off of walls and doing flips at my cousins house as we shared our love for break dancing and GI Joe, my dad buying the latest Grace Jones album (Nightclubbing), and my family stocking up on Twinkies to bring back home. They lasted for YEARS! LOL and we still ate 'em! The thought alone makes me want to detox HA!

But now the 80+ year old treat had its creamy filling squished out for the last time. Down with the Twinkies and all the other Hostess goodies that were being made. The company is closing plants due to a strike and filing bankruptcy. At least you know if you save a stash it will keep for years and years and and years....Although another manufacturer may by the brand and resurrect this sponge cake from the depths....who knows!

I guess that is also another way to shut down the production of GMO and unsupportive foods on the market....hmmmm. (ghost of prop 37?) #health on the rise



Brightness you are

Shining stars in the universe
Release contractions
Take off the veils
Through off everything that
hinders and entangles,
trappings and snares
Breath of God is inspiration 
You are sight in the lives around you.
Open your rays to be shared
Through you Infinite brilliance 
wants for expression.
In the darkest of places
we can reach
not just because we go there
or because we can
but as a candle can 
flickers its dance on the walls
and causes the shadows
to move and sway
So you can bring light 
into corners
that miss the light of day.

I am poem

I am poem

constant the question
words and their origins
artful expression
loving in wonder
crying in transitions
beating out the answer
one syllable at a time
Looking to plug in
snapshots and glimpses of
my beautiful vision
stand in the ready with
beautiful conversation
serving the masses
through my      unique-to-me glasses
sharing the view
what is the answer
our life in creation
dancing out to a rhythm
steps with the Spirit
moments of connection
with jewels of non-compensation
of what God gives me to see

Monday, November 5, 2012

Share what flows...

Years ago...(once upon a time...)

I wrote poetry.  Not just some, LOTS!  I started in Grade 7 and from there I continued into University courses (and I really enjoyed these WRITE courses!)  I did share some of these poems wiith my friends, even as spoken word, but alas, I packed them up and set them aside for many, many years...

Recently, as I continue to downsize from the "stash" I have been carrying around to sort through....mementos, notes, pictures, etc., I finally sorted out all my written work into this bulky folder and am now going through these poems and deciding what to share now.  And THAT is what I have been struggling with...

At the time I wrote these I should have shared it.  It would have flowed out to inspire many in the world and uplift those who could connect and relate.  However, now I am living under another many turns away from some of these "expressions" I have written.  I am hoping a friend with not only perspective into what I have read, but also into who I am now will help me to share and edit through these works.

So I recommend, if you have an expression or gift NOW, it is good for you to share your expression if you feel it inspires you, as it will inspire others. 

I have received feedback on almost ALL my works, so I know how it was received then, which is good.  So over the next bit, I will share a select few that resonate with me now (and perhaps a few that don't :) )