Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Raw and unadulterated…Elimination Diet 3.0

What am I talking about???

Well, with the new release of the Dax Moy's Elimination Diet 3.0 and also my current focus on eating more raw foods, I figured it was time to get on board with the current hype and be inspired and motivated to eat foods that are natural in state and lacking in processing.

SO why whole foods? They come with all the goodies you need to digest the food properly. Naturally occurring enzymes, fibre, minerals and other nutrients are packed into foods like fruits and vegetables, nut and seeds, legumes, and healthy oils such as virgin, cold-pressed olive and coconut oils.

Currently I have mung bean sprouts on the go and I am soaking chickpeas before I make my own hummus. Today is a grocery day and my focus will be on stocking our home with fresh foods, fish, bulk nuts and seeds as well as some alternative grains and legumes, and a few other items to make lunch and snacks for my kids a simple and healthy task.

Sticking to the heart of how food was designed for us to consume has made food preparation and meals in our household easy, requiring a whole lot less cooking and prep time and the kids can get creative with what they choose to eat, because it's identifiable and doesn't require tools and fire. Although I know that my sons love a good camp out, when we travel for our road trips, we get to enjoy having easy food on hand, which helps to maintain lots of energy to 2 active boys and added focus for me not having to worry about where our next meal is coming from and how healthy and beneficial it really is.

So find ways you can get back to basics with adding some raw fruits and veggies into your diet and sticking to unadulterated, pure, and whole foods that support a healthier diet and healthy lifestyle. And check out Dax Moy's Elimination Diet 3.0 if you are ready for a great challenge and experience in improving your health and changing the way you see and eat your food.