Friday, October 22, 2010

There's what on my lawn?

Well, I'm not going to post a pic of it, but I can tell you I learned a big lesson from it. It has been over a month of putting it off, but it was TIME to finally mow the lawn. It's a job I leave up to my husband to do as I am allergic to grass cuttings in the air, but I was ready with a mask and military scarf to keep the cuttings out of my mouth and I was going to cut it....the lawn that is. I was a sunny day yesterday...perfect for getting the grass all freshly cut and after my failed attempts at starting the mower, I discovered it was out of fuel. So today, my husband cut the grass when he got home. As I arrived home, I could hear the sound of the mower going and I was excited to get to raking up the cuttings. I set to work immediately, but then took a quick pause to get the kids a snack and shove dinner in the oven. As I headed back out and continued at my work, I kept noting the fact that our lawn is lumpy. Loads of ant hills and clay clumps....and well.....

All I have to say, is I am glad that I didn't step in it! It was fresh and huge! I stopped, sighed, checked the bottom of my shoes (hey, I have been stepping in lumps up to this point), and then got a big a shovel to scoop it up and dispose of it. When I got back to raking, I thought..."Well, we hadn't mowed the lawn in AGES, so why not....can't see it in the tall, overgrown grass." How often do we get "crapped" on or step in "crap", or go through "crap" and think it is completely random. I would have to say, if I wanted my "stuff" put anywhere I am not going to put it where it would be obvious (like on my neighbour's well-manicured lawn)'s easier when it is hidden or even better still, along side a pile of the same "stuff".

If we had cut our lawn and it was pretty and green and leaf-free, like our neighbours, would the pile have gotten left there? If we were taking care of what is ours and setting a standard of "no crap allowed" would it have been there? Maybe. But it's harder to spot neglect in a pile of neglect. I didn't see it! It was lumped among a pile of grass cuttings. Although I wasn't expected the "stuff", I was not surprised when I saw it...but it would have been easier to see it (and avoid it) if our lawn was maintained and it would've stood out, right on top. After almost stepping in it, I was more thoughtful to where I was putting my feet, more aware of my surroundings, more conscious of the steps I was taking. I was grateful for encountering the "stuff" to help me be more involved, and a part of what I had really sought out to do, which is to show some pride of ownership and take care of what I got. When things get left undone, it becomes mental clutter. And the more stuff you leave undone and incomplete, well it can feel like a pile of ...."stuff". Staying clear in mind and remaining focused and active to the completion of whatever you set out to do, leaves room for more stuff to get done, and more room in your mind to apply the best of yourself to your tasks. And am I ever glad we finally finished cutting the lawn at the end of season and not hibernate with the thought of dealing with that "stuff" in the Spring...yummm!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Who is the woman of God I want to be?

Last week I got together with my friends and we shared in an activity that was called "Who is the woman of God you want to be?" We all brainstormed about the attributes and characteristics that we wanted to have as woman of God. I then shared about some of the women I looked up in the Bible and what attributes and characteristics they were known for. Ruth: loyal, hard-working, resourceful, devoted and loving. Rebecca: brave, impressed all who met her, confident, offered her help and service to others and sought out God for counsel. Other characteristics included courage, good sense, contentment, dedicated to good works, model to the community. We then drew ourselves and added the attributes we each listed.

As I shared about these women of the bible, the Proverbs 31 woman came up and the different views of what she represents came out. Is she real? Was she just the "Noble woman" that the men of the bible dreamed about? I can see how this woman, with her many talents, skills, and activities, drums up a bit of question, if it is possible to live up to this standard. I then shared that her life can be paralleled to our own. Some were good with money and the household finances, some were good with investments....we all make sure that our kids have good clothes to wear and cover them in their beds at night to stay warm. We share our lives and faith with our family and with others. We have provided for these needs in our families and we are also women of God.

It is good to take a moment to appreciate what it is that we bring to the table and know that we are successful in each day as we manage our households, encourage our families, live out our talents to their best, and walk faithfully in our relationship with God.

"I love my hair" Sesame Street song gets our vote!

I was so encouraged this morning when I saw this Sesame street video about a young girl promoting her curly 'fro. I got all teary-eyed thinking about my younger self and how I would have LOVED to be running through the playground singing this Sesame street song instead of getting into fights with those that continued to laugh at, pull, velcro, mess up, and tease my hair. Now a mother of two beautiful boys that sport their uniqueness and pride on the playground, I can see how times have definitely made a change for the better.

Thank you Sesame Street for putting this out their for today's kids to sing...♪♫ I love my hair, I love my hair...♪♫♪

Monday, October 11, 2010

To my parents: Thank you!

As we celebrate Thanksgiving in Canada this weekend, I am reminded to share my gratitude for all that is in my life. As I was reflecting on a current challenge that I am facing, I realized how much I am grateful to my parents for the examples they have shared through the lives they live.

To my mom,
Thank you for your desire to continue to learn and improve on your knowledge. You have consistently, throughout my time of watching you, been into your books and studies to advance in your career. I now desire to each day, not just to study for a career, but in all areas of my life that I desire to do more or better in. I thank you for instilling in me the desire to nourish my body with foods that promote longevity and good health. As I feed my children and look to meet their nutritional needs, I see how you gave us what was not conventional to provide for us a longer and healthier life. Thank you for walking as a confident, youthful, strong woman who is proud to be in the skin she is in. It has helped me to reach the point where I feel I can do the same and it encourages me, when I was younger and today, to appreciate the uniqueness of how I was made.

To my dad,
Thank you for your continuous love and support. You have always been there to encourage me, even when you yourself were not at your best. Your BEAUTIFUL example of unconditional love towards your family and to me has resonated with such HUGE waves in my life, I don't have words I can describe. You have celebrated my accomplishments and talents and helped and trained me to love the details. You helped me to keep my eyes open to seeing what is beautiful in the world and the people around me. Your example of humility to God's word has touched my very soul and your acknowledgment of God and his authority in your life helped me to look outside myself and realize I am a part of a bigger picture.

Also, I would like to thank you both for your example of perseverance through trials. You both have shared the challenges that you have gone through and I would like to say that you have come through those trials and have encouraged the same perseverance in my life as well. I know there is hope, and beautiful opportunities that lie on the other side of challenge, trials and struggles. You both give generously with what you have, and when you see a need, you have a desire to take care of it, especially for your family. You both have encouraged the desire to forgive others and let go and allow love to fill my home and the hearts of those around me. Whatever I may have been through with anyone in the past is not worth holding on to if it compromises my ability to love them more, especially those near and dear to me. My desire is to encourage and to love in spite of... Thanks for helping me to be who I am today.

With love,
Your daughter,

Saturday, October 9, 2010

“Responsibility” by Bob Proctor


I felt such great encouragement from reading this article, that I had to share it with others. Bob Proctor shares, with great explanation, the key to personal freedom. It is so freeing and eye-opening when you choose to live in a responsible way.


“Responsibility” by Bob Proctor.

Read it, consider it, and share it. It can change your life and how you live it.