Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Have you slowed your roll? Or are you just rolling...?

This morning I posted on FB... "Good morning!  Sometimes we are so used to things being at a begrudged level (and having accepted it as such), that when it up and changes on you unexpectedly, you realize that your pace had slowed down and that you were almost crawling... (I love not being attached to a time frame...full of surprise that come sooner than expected)...
It is good to change up routine...expectations...standards...level of learning...environment (take a trip)...perspective ...activity....PACE!!...area of service (talk with and serve others) experiences...
Spice of life baby!! Enjoy it! It's here all around you, you just have to taste it!
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But I will expand more here...

...I have been trying to encourage my hubby in the morning. He is NOT what you would call a morning person by definition...he prefers to stay in bed and cuddle...with his blanket...and eyelids shut for an extra few hours :P 

I, on the other hand, used to spring out of bed like the Energizer Bunny, hopping to the chores, and to my workout, and hopping straight to preparing breakfast, lunch, dinner, and to my quiet time and hippity hop, hop, hop, HOP!!!  WOOHOO!! I LOVED the mornings!! My greatest joy was being up everyday to see the sunrise.  That was my job!! And to make sure nothing else was in the way of me enjoying the first peak of light into a new day... YEAH!!!!  I got SO MUCH done in that few hours of the morning than I did all day was was awesome...and now, it feels like it's gone LOL.

I laugh and mourn at the same time...where did my "bunnyness" all go?  Where is that BURST? That zest!? And this morning when the alarm went off at 4:30AM (hubby set it earlier than usual) I was like..."huh??" And when he threw off the covers and pulled on his house coat, I was like..."huh???" And when he went out and started grabbing food to make his lunch and breakfast, I was like..."huh???" And then I smiled....he made a decision!

So, right now I am asking myself... "WHY did that slow to roll out, get up, and get going in the morning become the "norm"?" And when did waking up and hour before he has to head out to work come to an end? And AMEN...the answer comes...Last year this time...when he decided he didn't want to get up anymore and do his morning time anymore...and for me,... I decided one day that I would stay in bed when his alarm went off. ( I usually am out and up before the alarm...I don't like alarms) And he cuddled with me and said he really liked it when I was there when he woke I stayed...and before you know it, many months later, the batteries seem to have been removed and I too, was waking with the alarm (which I have never done...).

So now what?  Well, I remembered!! I remembered a time when we would get his breakfast and lunch ready while the dishes and laundry were going and he would sit down and the bible while having his breakfast....sometimes take notes, but it was his moment before heading out into the day.  He calculated an hour beforehand to have time to pace himself out the door. And for me? I had already started waking up earlier and getting some bounce back, but after trying to keep up this morning and having more time to get stuff done, I felt good! And seeing him reclaim his energy felt good...and having to quicken my pace this morning felt good...and me deciding to work out this morning felt good...and after my work out I felt good....see a theme felt good to feel good and see others feel good about feeling good in their daily activities...daily decisions...feeling good comes with a quicker pace...and maybe even a bounce and hop or two...

What I am discovering (this is live news folks) is that the Energizer Bunny that I was, was a woman who felt really good about the woman that she was! And the funny thing is, the "facts" that people asked about in her life (money, job, things she didn't have that others validated with success) did NOT match with how happy and awesome she felt. And now, those validating things are present in my life...the "facts" make a good story, but I can honestly say, I have not felt AS good as I could be feeling.

But!!....I AM excited to move forward with more bounce and quickened step...AND I know what i will do and what I want to do...and that is to stay true to what makes me happy (time with God, sharing my thoughts, being energetic, feeling strong through exercise and movement, keeping on top of things around the house, etc..) and feeling good!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

The journey of a beet...a lesson in fruitfulness and self-maintenance

Congratulations!  You have made it! You beautiful beet! And for your strength and perseverance, you will graduate to the level of borscht.  Thank you.

Why am I talking to a beet? What has this beet graduated from? ...Well, my intentions were good and the borscht I made in the Spring was even better and since we had a good harvest from our garden last year of candy cane and yellow heirloom beets, I had all these beet recipes lined up for my family to enjoy. However, the boys liked the borscht, but were not feeling the roasted beets (are you kidding me?? They are SOOOO good and the hubby wasn't liking any of it at all...REALLY???  And so they sat....and sat and sat.....and I am now harvesting THIS year's crop from our garden and there is no WAY these beets are going to be completely a last save for a tri-colour beet borscht is under way.  Honestly, I have been dreading this moment of sticking my hand into these bags since there were soe of these beets that have been rotting...far enough.  It's been a year!  But I dove in.  Salvaged what I could and continued with what looked savable.

And here is were the lesson comes in....most of them had some level of a little rot or two on the surface, and I would cut it off...but then there was a little dot of black underneath.  As I cut these in half, I found that that thread of rizomes went straight for the core...almost every time. Not isolate to the one spot and spread from there...and keeping in mind that beets, and especially organic beets are pretty tough (as in tough meat)...but they found there way to the core and then rotted the beet from the inside out.  I knew this from a few that I tried to save a few weeks ago...and it made me think...

...YES!  You have persevered through some pretty tough are here at long last to be fruitful for great service. For the most part, you have endured while those around you rotted away, succumb to their wounds and not able to heal...but not stayed strong. Even while supporting those that were withering away right in front of your very eyes...and in the end, you stand.

AND...As your triumphant success radiates and glows from your very being...remember...your fruitfulness could very well turn to rot and go wasted if it is not used to serve a good purpose beyond yourself.

It answers the question, 'Where do we go from here?'...Most plants, when they reach a prime point of growth focus on producing seeds.The beets in my garden right now have sent out bolts of flowers that have turned to seed. And hopefully, those seed will go on to grow into beautiful beets (beyond the life of the beet that created it) and produce its useful fruit as well as seed and so on...the continuation of life itself unfolds from our fruit...whether or not we let it serve from our joy into the next generation or if we rot and become the "soil" from which good will grow...

SO, when the peak of fruitfulness seems evident in our lives, lets put it to good use. From our good and accomplished space, no matter how small the accomplishment, we ARE able to serve to the benefit of others with what we have gained.  Not from a "I have just enough for me and I will sacrifice so that you may have..."...but more from a space of "I am ripe, abundant, and prime for sharing because that is what my fruit will produce...more of the same if I share it..." As well, as we grow into our fruitfulness, we should also be maintaining, healing, and mending the wounds along the way.  Don't let a spot of rot makes its way to your core and eat you up from the inside out. Manage the rot spots...don't let them just sit there and fester. They have a "fruitful" intention as well.

Ok, back to the isn't going to cook itself.  Still have a few ingredients to add.

P.S. Pictures and recipe to come...

Thursday, September 4, 2014

The cozy blanket of limit and comfort - Facebook post September 4, 2014

Good morning! I had many dreams that came with many arrangements made last night....I know I wasn't dreaming and that is the part that feels awesome (well, maybe not the double-crossing insiders who stole a weapon and was chasing down those that found out their plan and tried to foil it....whew!! Glad I woke out of that one! :P

...but the thing that stands out on this side of the dreams is,... we really seem to cozy under limits in our lives like the warm blanket of sleep....UGH!!!! And when we are offered to wake up into something even MORE amazing than the coziness of "said" blanket, we whine, complain, cry, persist, and INSIST that there is nothing better...

...comfort lacks the dynamic, exciting, mind-blowing AWEsomeness of JUMPing up and diving into FULL play and yet...that blanket of limit and comfort....oooo it feels so sweet, right? And when the blanket is pulled back for you to receive the wonder of overflowing abundance in a "new" day (or season, or stage, or circumstance, or ______) do you feel? How would you respond?  Scrambling for the edge of the blanket so you can pull it back over your head?  Or ready to invite the marvel and gifts that await for you to open...and open....and open...

So invite ALL those that see that cozy blanket in their lives (you know the one...that if it is even pulled at you find a way to complain and moan and grump and pout....) to think of it more as ...Christmas morning!!! (or whatever celebration gets you to throw back the covers and LEAP out of bed) YES THAT! THAT is the wonder in a new day....ALWAYS!! (L)

Okay, off to enjoy my further quiet and study time ... God bless (L)

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