Friday, November 21, 2008

How long

As I reflect today on the health issues I have been experiencing, I am reminded that we are not promised forever in this world. I am truly grateful at how blessed my life has been. I have two beautiful boys, who are not only wonderful to share time, cuddles, and kisses with, but make me smile just at the sight of them. They are compassionate and when they see tears in my eyes, they do their best to comfort me and make me feel better. My prayer for them is that they live their lives appreciating the beauty that God has created and have hearts that desire to love as Jesus loved......wholeheartedly and full of passion.

I am truly grateful to God for gracing my life with someone who would not only challenge me to continue to grow closer to God, but who I would enjoy spending my life with. I truly love my husband as he is my best friend and has inspired me to live my life to the full in ways he could have never imagined. My hope and prayer for him is that he remain a nurturing, loving, serving, and compassionate man. That he keep his vow to God, and in honour of what we share, strive to grow closer to God each and every day of his life with his whole heart. That he will encourage our boys to grow to become wholehearted and loving men of God.

My life is full of joy, opportunities, appreciation, gratitude, and love. More than I could have dreamed and there is the potential for more to come. Thank you God!

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