Thursday, November 20, 2008

Romans 12: 1 - 8

Yesterday I had a fun and surprising day that worked out beautifully. The plan was to head over to my friend's house early and meet my hubby there (since he worked on that end of town) as Midweek service was being held there and I was not planning on missing it again. It was time to engage in the group, Connecting with God, and get our involvement and continued spiritual growth on track.
After getting my son off the school bus, we had lunch and got ready to go out. I had received an email that day, 20% off entire order at Victoria Secret, Today only! After winning a gift card from the Fit Yummy Mummy Summer Transformation Challenge and already having my selections picked out that I would order, I was all set for the arrival of the gift card in the luck. So as we were getting ready to head out, there was a knock on the door.....It was the postal carrier with a box. Probably another package that my hubby ordered. Then he asked for me. WOOHOO!! It was the gift card. SO I placed my order and then got a call from my friend and we were off across the city. I was saying to myself if we catch a bus that passes by the Planet Organic store, we will jump off, grab some oats and get back on track. It was such a smooth plan and it worked out beautiful. We made it to my friends house, had dinner and a nap, and then was ready to go for getting into God's word. We broke down Romans 12: 1-8 and it was very encouraging.
We went through what it was to be a living sacrifice, to be humble and unified and to use the talents that God has given us. One point was brought up towards the end........God has given all of us a measure of faith....How do you increase your faith? By hearing and reading God's word. Through your faith being increased, then your mind is renewed and you can use your gifts more fully. Very encouraging words. So my plan over the next week is to really get into the Bible and see what wonderful insight and further encouragement I can gain and how Ican share it with others......on to be inspired =D.

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