Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Great time to get the giggles

As we settled into a family cuddle in our bed last night, I felt as though we were all wrapped up in a loving blanket of security. We had just finished watching the movie "Wall-E" beforehand and enjoyed the time shared together. All smiles around, we took turns to pray and thank God for all we experienced during the day. As the boys settled into to their bed, my hubby turned out the lights and wrapped his arms around me. As I tried to convince the kids to be quiet, close their eyes and go to sleep, it was obvious it wasn't going to be a peaceful drift into slumber. I jokingly started to snore and my son said he was not able to sleep with me making that noise. So I decided to not respond and go silent and the quiet came. I was drifting into a comfortable slumber when......"snicker, snicker". I opened my eyes and paused. "Snicker,snicker,snicker." I turned around and asked"What are you doing?" My hubby got the giggles and he couldn't stop. We all started laughing. It had been a while since he had the giggles and it made me happy. When we had settled down after the laughter we all took a deep breath and then fell asleep, filled with joy.

Waking up this morning I still had a smile on my face and I think that a heart-felt laugh is a great way to end the day.

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