Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The "Me" I have come to be

A woman with her eyes open and her mind on the go. She see ways to improve and also how to appreciate and make the most of what she has. She loves to look into the eyes of the ones she loves and connect heart to heart. Loving life and growth and the potential and hope in so many things around her, she is a woman of faith and gratitude, and it makes even a dark day bright.

Throw her a football and she will run it to the end zone, kick to her a soccer ball and she will run the field. She's a woman who loves to be active, playful, and explore the space around her. She is respectful of the environments she encounters and understands not every place in the world is for her to venture into and dwell in. Play her a song and she will sing, moving to the melody and dancing with joy.

She is rich and her life is full of love. She learned to love deeply and intimately, and it fills her up with overwhelming joy. She shares it with others around her with full confidence in the gift that she gives. Wanting the best for those around her, she strives to do the best she can so she has that to help others with. She is beautiful, not for what is on the outside, but by who she is on the inside. She loves textures and colours, and the beauty in what God has created. She loves learning and knowledge, and is grateful for the understanding and wisdom God has shared with her.

She has heart, hope, and she has patience. She has love, compassion, and a willingness to strive for excellence as exampled to her by her Lord and Savior. She looks forward to the future and is grateful for the past. May she continue to grow and live life to the full.

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