Friday, January 23, 2009

Ahhhhh! What a feeling!

I read an interview in which the woman described herself as feeling more sexual and it made me think, what is it to "feel" more sexual?

Biologically, I can see how being involved in the reproduction process, and bringing children into the world, is intense and it can take you into seeing yourself as being a part of humanity. We can feel that we are now a part of the process of continuing on the survival of our species and partaking in the joy of having a family. When I think of what it is to be sexy I think of being more attractive to the opposite sex, being desirable, and being approachable.

As for feeling sexual, I would have to wonder if we often confuse the feeling of depth and intimacy with the "feeling" we experience when we engage is sexual contact. Sexual contact can be intimate, but intimacy is not always related to sex. Having a deep, close relationship and experiencing the joy of that relationship does not mean that sex needs to be involved. Also, in experiencing an innermost, overwhelming joy and love does not mean you are having a sexual experience. I can have a close, detailed, in-depth, encouraging, loving and joyful relationship with my children, myself, my dear friends and family and it doesn't mean that I want to have sex or feel sexual towards them. I am grateful for my marital relationship with my husband, but not every encounter with him is an intimate one.

I would like to take the opportunity to surgically remove intimacy and the joy of intimate relationships into it's own category separate, but not excluding sex. It is such a rich experience that if given the proper awareness and respect can give our lives an intense uplift and deepen our perspective of how we encounter the world and all the wonderful things available around us.

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