Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Opps, it's a bit "cajun"! For the love of mastery!

I shared a story of inspiration in life on facebook this morning. My heart is still full from being put back in the moment as it was happening. I truly believe that...the gifts of experience and the treasures hidden in our pasts are meant to be gems in our present and future living. Enjoy the story ❤

Good morning! ❤ I cooked one side of an omlette for my hubby a lil "crispy" this morning. Well done eggs at least And then I was transported to a memory of having gone out to breakfast when my grandpapa was here visiting from NY. The server brought my dad a stacked plate of pancakes. Well loaded with all the fixings. My grandpapa was sharing his tip for perfectly brewed coffee and how to take the bitterness off (add a small pinch of salt to the bottom of the pot as it brews). As my dad went to cut into the stack, he couldn't get through. His laughter in that moment still inspires me. He knew exactly why. His face read like a book. Both when they brought the well dressed stack and when he tried to cut into it.
You see, my dad LOVED to cook. He is a gourmet. He worked with cruise ships and some time in New Orleans. And his main contract as a decorator was with top hotels and a restaurant business. He prided himself in living in mastery...
So he knew the pancakes were burnt on one side. He called the server over and shared a story....that story lead into the reason why it's not good to hide your "shortcomings" and how it is better to desire to share the best of your choices and work.
LOL he got an even bigger, fluffier, stack of fresh pancakes brought out.
I didn't burn the omlette that bad LOL.... I did put the "burnt" side to the middle...and I am extremely grateful to be continuing on the "teachings" from the mundane, the playfulness in mastery, and the heart of hidden treasures.

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