Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"Wall-E"....reflections part 1....use it or lose it

"Wall-E"....reflections part 1....use it or lose it

* Posted by Elisa on February 18, 2009 at 2:30pm

I can't share enough about this movie so I am doing it in parts.

First point: Use it or lose it!

What do we have to use? Our bodies, our minds, personal interactions, our choices. If we don't keep moving we will not be as mobile. If we don't keep thinking and challenging our mind and grow in what we know...well, we won't grow in what we know and everything changes and evolves around us, so better to keep up than get left behind. If we don't keep social and interact with others, we will not only miss out on challenging our senses, but lose on important feedback as well. AND if we leave our choices to be made by others, we will lose the experience, knowledge and wisdom gained from making our own choices.

DISCLAIMER - If you haven't seen the movie, try and get the opportunity to do so and then come back and read this beyond this point as I may spoil the movie for you =D.

Currently I am feeling like one of those people floating around on the hover thingys as I am experiencing joint pain (could be gout) and cramping. I haven't been very mindful of my eating amidst the stress either. I know I'm not going to stay that way, but as I am watching the movie with my boys, I am reminded to keep at it in the best way I can.

We are provided with a lot of information from the media and multiple sources telling us one way or another to do this or eat that. I would like to think that I question enough to want to check out the info for myself and make my own decision based on the information I sought out and was given. Of course, I wouldn't have sought out the information if it wasn't presented to me in the first place, but I can always expand on what I was exposed to. (Instead of letting a company tell me what to think, do, eat, wear, etc).

Our personal interaction helps us to learn and gain feedback and experience the fullness of life. Let it be with our environment, nature, the sun, the moon, the stars, flowers, plants and how things grow, we are a part of it and it influences us. Being involved in a community that offers support or being out and about and encouraging others and your environment gives encouragement in return.

And last but not least, the continual use, nourishment, and challenge of our bodies will help us to better interact mentally and physically with what is around us. If you want the change, choose to make the commitment in your mind and follow through with continual actions. Every little step counts. Put one foot in front of the other and start walking, jogging, running and skipping and enjoy life! (use that jogging track and help your muscles encourage your bones to stay strong and useful)

Keep on steppin'!


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