Thursday, August 10, 2017

"Eggshells of humanity"- Remove the blocks to one another connections

Have we gotten into the habit of creating a mine field full of proverbial eggshells that get in the way of genuine connectivity between one another?
Because, if you were to put off the examples of contact that you may have "acquired" from others (that don't work too well) and you approached your neighbour per se with childlike curiosity and innocence, what do you think would transpire?
I watched how my boys hesitated to go across the street and play with our neighbour's grandson and his dad. I went over and sat on their porch and still...they lingered. The dad invited them over and from there they had a great time playing basketball. Laughter, excitement, play, and joy. No imaginary eggshells needed. No preconceived awkward moments...just the experience of making some new friends and connections 
Maybe we should "try" for the ease of connection first instead of the readiness of defense. Today my son kicked a few "eggshells" aside and gave me a hug.  I think that is a great place to start 
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