Wednesday, August 18, 2010

We have a new visitor

Welcome to our home, Bartleby! He is a bearded dragon lizard and we get the privilege of hanging out with him for a couple weeks as his family is away. I must say, that at first I was a bit apprehensive to the idea. Why? Because he is someone else's pet. But I moved into trusting that I can care for and enjoy the loved ones of others and even after just one day, I can see why people would have lizards as pets. I find it fascinating to think about how this creature is so different from how we are made. And of course explaining and discussing the differences with my sons makes it that more fun. It also helps us to really appreciate how it is that we are made. That we are animals that produce our own heat to stay warm, that we can think and compare, and relate how we are made different from other creatures (although I know my dog would look at me with the look of wonder sometimes when I would do things that were not "dog-like").

We are glad to have this opportunity to learn more about bearded dragons (would I have thought of researching it before now?), about ourselves, and get the chance to know new people as well. And his family was right...he is kinda cute ;)


Home Energy said...

This new visitor is very new. As I have fear of the lizards. But in the last picture is the new visitor is looking very nice.

Eye on the prize said...

Very friendly creature this guy is, and hard to believe, really enjoys to be cuddled (not the same way you would a teddy bear, more carefully).

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