Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Looking back through my own eyes at the future I am living

Long title, but best description. I'm not going to go into a long, drawn-out historical recount of my childhood, but today as I was walking home from dropping my son to school, I asked myself "Would I have ever imagined as a young girl who was singled-out, bullied and harassed in school, that I would be the woman who would work with children the age I was to help them through the same difficulties I had faced? I get the chance each day to share in the struggles of children as they learn and reflect what they have learned in their social interactions. I am seen as a "safe" place to turn to many children, when growing up, I didn't have that. I can remember one teacher in particular who took care of me and looked out for me, providing me with a listening ear in my struggles and I share this name whenever I recount the experiences I had in elementary school.

Over this last week, I helped a boy, that was misunderstood by classmates and teachers, to be forgiven for past actions and allowed the chance to prove he can change for the better. It was great having the opportunity to not only give this boy a little direction, but also to let him know that I believe in him to change in the way he wanted to and to be successful at it. He has all the right tools to succeed and do well, not only in school, but in life due to the heart of willingness he possesses. He showed me respect in the best way he knew how and vulnerability that only those who choose to take risks in life are willing to share. He has been helpful, respectful, and confident in his actions so far and I am excited to see where he will go next. Even my own son has had "stuff" to deal with and I shared with him what I went through and that he does have safe places to turn to (other than me) in times of need and he needs to use them.

I, as a young girl, would love to have watched this movie of success and overcoming as I have lived and I am glad that through the trials, struggles and pains I had lived in the past have brought me to such a fruitful future as the one I am living today.

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